Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nearly had an accident

Today i nearly had an accident. Just because of 'kepo'. *kepo is a hokkien word which meant arousing interest because of inquisitive or curiosity*

Back to my incident, so it was happened at the flyover of Jalan Universiti, the flyover which near the KFC and Millenium court. Lots of accidents happened there, just because of the bad draining system. Whenever there is a rain, there will be flooded. Before the incident happened, i told putput that later there will be an accident happened at the flyover when we was passing by the flyover with pool of water after class. "That Wednesday i should snap some photos of the car accident and blog about it with the title 'this is M'sia' ", i told putput. Then a few minutes later after i reached home, putput called me and asked me whether i had gone out already or not. Well, i was going to Mid Valley with my roomate who had finished her final.

"Not yet. Will be going out soon."
"Remember to bring your camera along. Got a car had turned over at there."

My camera always be with me whenever i go out. Get into the car, and we started our drive to Mid Valley.

My incident was approaching. So we drove onto the flyover, and we saw the car accident. The car was turned over like what putput told me. The opposite road was jammed like hell. I used my eye squinted at that accident's car, wanted to know which production was the car. And i spotted, it was saga. The incident happened here, and i saw the kancil in front of me slow down with super duper low speed, like almost stopped down when approaching the opposite scene. Well, my car was moving downward at the flyover(although with lower speed yet faster than the damn kancil), and i had my emergency brake yet it was too late, and i rotated my steering wheel to the left lane while looking at the mirror, luckily that was no other vehicles on that lane. My intuition led me to punch my horn at that kancil while passing it, it were two malay guys in the car, and yet still looking at the accident opposite without wondering about why i pressed the horn. I was....... really speechless. He still did not know he nearly caused another accident. Damn it. WTF.

After the incident, i kept wondering if there was a car or motorcycle on the left lane, i might hit them. Or if my brake does not work, i might hit onto the kancil, and both of us get injured. My roomate did not get shocked on the spot while i did after kept refreshing the incident.

Please, i beg people (including myself also) who are driving, please don't look at the incident like accident, car broken down at roadside and so forth, please keep moving, please don't slow down and stare, you will not only cause traffic congestion, despite an accident too. Like what always tells the public, stop staring and keep moving on. Thank for your cooperation.

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