Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008--->2009 part II

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I've dissected quite a number of rats... i become more cruel now. I mean i'm not afraid of rats, but not those dirty black rats. * I've to do so because of my research, no offense to rat lovers*

I'm so glad to have Dr. Durriyyah as my thesis supervisor. She is the cutest Dr. i ever seen. She is kind and nice, the most important thing is she is not racism. She is not afraid of frogs, i mean she is an expert in dissecting frogs but she scare rats. *sweat* I'm lucky too to have the other three coursemates which are doing thesis together. If not, i might fall lots more. From afraid of grabbing rats to an "expert" of it, problems become nothing. Merci beaucoup.

We have a new club called BHM club, which is known as biohealth model club. This name was given by wei mee, who is our photographer cum organiser, then we have sue ping as our director. The following must have are models, we have super model, top model, senior and junior as well. I know we sound childish, but that is the way we release our tension, especially for final year, facing exam, report and the most horrible thesis. The friendship between us are getting good. But this will be the last semester we are going to spent. Wuwuwu~

This year, i had a wonderful christmas with my friends, it was like a small gathering. We had barbeque at Vic's house, we bbq, chit-chat, sing, blow our christmas cake and exchange gift. Although it was simple, but it was fun.

And today we will meet up as he is coming back in the evening flight, so coincident. Earlier than expected, so glad that we no need to meet up in next year.

It was so much to be said, but i'm a bit lazy to keep refreshing. Anyway, hope that this brand new 2009 will be a good start for me.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Finally the year 2008 is going to end and a brand new year 2009 is coming. Over all, 2008 was fun, happy, excited, joy and upset as well. But it wasn't a bad year. At least, lots of first time happen in the year. *grin* Went to makan angin with family, Which was very delighting. Along the year, although these places are nothing to be proud for, but it's considered a lot to me; i went to Cameron highland, Genting highland, Muar, Kuala Selangor and Melacca for three times. Quite familiar with Melacca town already. Hehe~ The first time, i went there for a dance competition with my dance buddies. The second time was with my housemates, we went to Melacca and Muar to hunt for food. Nice trip but i'd diarrhea the next morning after eating so much things into my stomach. *sigh* The third time, i brought my family to there. It was already 15 years ago i went with my family when i was standard 2. And i still remembered the oxcart four of us took photo with, and now me and my brother are already so tall while my parents are getting older. Time really flies.

The first time to Melacca in 2008

We were taking part in the Traditional Chinese Dance Competition which held at one of the high school in Melacca

The second time to Melacca

It was a 2 days 1 night cari makan trip to Melacca and Muar

The third time was with my lovely family

I bought the yellow duckie which i dream to have it at Jonker Street

I was dipped into the tea farm

No food, no smoking, no i-don't-know-what-is-it, no drink but bear is allow in Skyway cable car.

Very tired already, i've shopped for 6 hours just now, so it's time to bed. Tomorrow still have class at 9. Will be continued..
Good night.

Monday, December 29, 2008

unknown road scene

Finally back to my busy life which i dislike it. Short holiday with half-charge energy, and i feel restless.

On the highway back to KL, i hate those so called huge vehicles that cross here and there without giving any signal. Or signal is given while they are driving to the outer lane at the same time. Even though you are approaching them, they are fearless with your tiny little road riders. The incident is like that, usually those huge and "slow" vehicles will at the inner lane. No matter there are cars speeding fast at the outer lane which are right beside them, they will be driving out from the inner lane whenever they want to exceed the slower vehicle in front of them. Those scenes always happen at highway, but no one will horn them. And i wonder why? Is it because of they are huge? Tiny always get bullied by huge? I don't think so. But why? Don't they know that it is very dangerous to do so, crash will be happened if the brake of that car is broken.

The second scene, i wonder why the outer lane is slower than the inner lane on the road or highway or bridge as well during traffic jam? Outer lane is not equal to fast lane? Or someone has changed the rule? Can anyone tell me why?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hohoho...Merry Christmas

You better watch out
You better not cry,
You better not pout
I'm tellin' you why,
Santa Claus is coming to town

merry christmas

Wishing everyone of you, Merry Christmas~
Have an enjoyable christmas eve, hooray~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

photos' memories...

Today, want to confirm that the frame is either 3R or 4R, and find some photos to fix the frame. Pull out my drawer and take out those photos, and flip through the photo albums. There are something about my school life, my family and friends. Feel so touched when looking through those pictures. Everyone of us have grown up, we are so different from the old time. Some of them are working, some are still studying like me, some got their own partners, refreshing those silly gossips and rumour between friends. Last time we liked to pair up boy and girl who were closed with each others. Sound so silly, but it was fun and when refreshing those things, i smile.

So glad to have you all with me, those who are closed are still keep in touch with each others. Although i'm seldom at hometown, but whenever i've back, they will ask me out for sure unless i don't tell them. If i don't tell them i'm back, then i'll get scolded. Glad to have a group of best buddies to play, have fun, fool along, we talk unstoppable through fixed line, in the class, during gathering... but now everyone of us are busy, just once a while will meet up.

There are sweet memories but there are also memories that i don't want to remember. But anyway, time will heal. Now, I've learned to face the truth. The reason why i don't want to remember those things because i felt that those action were silly. And luckily i didn't lose my friendship. There are past time, we should look forward but not backward, right?

他们说人的年纪越大,越容易因伤心,感动而流泪, 是真的吗?

Friday, December 19, 2008

you and me

Refreshing some old memories and suddenly thinking how we met? I'm wondering is it something has linked us together?

When i first saw you, i was thinking you looked familiar, a bit look like my friend. But actually you're not when look deeper.

When the first time i knew you, we were in the same bureau which actually that bureau isn't in my choice.

Things went wrong. Very wrong. In turn, something has changed which is out of my mind. Skipping some steps, which i'm wondering is it right or wrong? But those steps lead us to here, i guess.

L.O.V.E., what is it meant?
And i guess i'm dumb in it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Indian classical dance

This post i have delayed it for so long, it's about my ko-k, indian classical dance. It's very fun to attend the class, and learn something different which is out of our academy. Although we have learned not much, but most of us really enjoy the moment well. Few days before the Ko-K day, we had extended the time for our practice from Monday night 10 something, Tuesday night 11 something 'till Wednesday night 12 o'clock. So on Thursday noon, we had to set up everything including our costume, make-up, headgear, accessories before we were heading to the stage. So, let's the photos do the talking:

Before the make-up

After the make-up, dressed up and the accessories, i turned into an indian dancer. The eye liner was thick and ugly and looked so artificial. I looked so fierce. Just because we were rushing out of time, the guy had to be fast to finish up about 30+ performers' eye liner. Do you notice the foundation on my face, suddenly i looked tan. Because the foundation which is suitable for darker skin.

My hair bun with jasmine(i guess) and my headgear

Actually there are seven types of indian classical dance, but we just performed five types, there were Kuchipudi, Kathak, Mohiniaattam, Bharatanatyam and Odissi. The other two are Kathakali and Manipuri. We were divided into five groups and each group performed each type in a medley which consisted of five different music. First to come was Kuchipudi.

Secondly, Kathak.
Align Centerkathak

Followed by Mohiniaattam. We looked so royal from top to toe.

Next was Bharatanatyam.

Then we had Odissi.

Finale with our poses of the dance. We had to squeeze so that all of us can get into the lens.
indian classical dance

Even kingston also crave for indian dance, see he becomes an indian with a red dot(what is that called? Anyone wish to tell me?) on his forehead and he is ready to perform.
indian kingston

-The End-

Thursday, December 11, 2008

i need a break

I need fresh air now.

I need to cool down now.

I'm tired now.

Good night everyone.

I need a break, now.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Watch out for thief

Last night, thief broke into 677 around midnight. A laptop, a cellphone, a radioactive bag and some money were stolen. The thief get into the house through the back door in the kitchen. Thank god that the thief didn't step up to 1st floor where two girls were sleeping soundly there.

If Hotdog and Burger were there, the thief won't have any chance to get in. And Burger and Hotdog will give him a big bite for sure if he's dare to come in.

My concern to Adi. My regard to the members of 677. Miss Hotdog and Burger too.

Becareful, everyone and watch out for those thieves. Shit you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

he and she

She is lucky to have him, but she doesn't appreciate what she have. And sometimes love isn't as what we wish it to be.

Because he isn't her cup of tea while actually he is so good, and known to be a nice guy. Everyone seems to hope a happy ending within them although it's hard to see they get together.

Although they break, but he is still treating her well. He knows what she loves, so whenever he comes here, he will buy her her favourite. Even they have separated nearly half year. (They are living in different country)

Whether they will get back to each others or they have found each of their right companion, whatever it is, we still hope the best will come to her and him as well.

Love is complicated. Isn't it?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

hard disk

My laptop's hard disk is getting fully packed. So i have to transfer my photos into my external hard disk. But my 120GB hard disk is full too. Have to clear and rearrange the wanted and unwanted stuffs. And it's killing me softly. A night long sitting in front of my laptop, keep deleting and rearranging the folders. Have to thank to someone who mis-deleted my files in the hard disk when they wanted to format the laptop. Such a stupid person, format laptop until all my things in my hard disk also get formated.

Thank to his foolishness, luckily this dude just did a quick format. And he tried his best to recover my files in the hard disk by weeks, no it's months i think.

Although he had recovered most of my precious things back, but he made my life more miserable. I have to rearrange all the files starting from zero. You know, arranging the files and folder is a terrible-horrible-and-vegetable experience, and i hate to do it, but i've no choice. Although you had recovered six thousands something pictures, but you keep recovering repeated pictures, don't you know it? And some of the recovered files are corrupted. wtf. When she returned my hard disk back to me, she told me that he had recovered six thousands something photos. So i tell you now, although six thousands something sounds a lot, it doesn't mean that you had recovered all my things! And i dislike your "理所当然" voice when talking to me.

Since experienced such horrible and freaking incident, i won't lent my hard disk to anyone else anymore. No next time. Sometimes, we have to be selfish.

My neck and back are aching now. Shit you. *beh song-ing*

Friday, December 5, 2008


Yesterday, i nearly let him missed his flight. The check-in has closed in the front counter. So he had to run to another counter to quest for any chance of boarding. Luckily there was the last call for the flight, he was the last confirmed passenger to board. *phew* Thank to the Malay staff, he is so polite, unlike some others, i saw some are impolite to passengers. Hey, you are confronting with passengers from around the world, you act as a representative of Malaysia, don't demolish our country's reputation. Although our country may not have it. At least, give a smile face please. That's the basic requirement for customer service.
After his check-in, it was closed for any other check-in while those in the waiting list passengers had the chance to board. And he quickly walked to the departure gate. Thank God that he get a seat, and the staff gave him a business class's seat. It was the lucky of an unlucky.

Goodbye. Take care.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Miss No Good 不良笑花

Miss No Good or <不良笑花> in chinese is starring by Wilber Pan and Rainie Yang. And finally i have finished watching the whole drama. Although it's a funny drama, but it takes my tears away. Feel touch with some of the scenes.

Sometimes simple is good. Don't complicate life.

Whoever you are, either tall or short, fat or slim, pretty or ugly, poor or rich, one should has self confident and one is unique in your way of life. 活出自信,活出自我,活出属于自己的天空。

I love the soundtrack in the drama which sung by Rainie Yang called <带我走>, whenever i listen it, it touches my heart and my tears will start to shed, even when i'm driving. I know i tear easily. *sigh*


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Before getting into December, we had found Prof. and told him our situation. We hope that Prof. will allow to change the time. But he seems like didn't let us change the time that has clashed with another subject. And i felt very disappointed, trying to accept the truth that we have to choose the subject with lab on my wonderful Friday, where 2 credit hours but we have to attend 6 hours' class. And give up my french level II that has clashed with it.

Thinking that Prof. won't let us change the time of the clashing subject.

In the end, he has agreed to change the time. I'm so grateful, he is so kind, although he looks very cool..

Although, the time hasn't change officially, but i'm so excited, cos' i can take French while no need to attend any class on Friday plus no need to do reports which i hate so much.

Miracle happens...
Thank Prof., thank coursemates, thank God too...

Will miracle happens twice?

food that can be looked only

So guess what is this dish?
It looks like some kind of Italian food with some sauce as decoration. Look nice, right? Guess it?
Actually it is made up of several kinds of "materials", the ingredients are as below:

tissue paper

smacked green chili padi

banana leaves
fluffy dough


PS: We did it after having lunch at cafe... that dough stuff is hard to swallow off. Since it looks so "lonely" on the plate, then we start to decorate it to let it looks so called delicious....*sweat*