Saturday, June 28, 2008

crazy folks of 677~

260608 22:20 drizzling
On the way to K-box at SS2 with 677 members

270608 02:50 unknown
We were singing the anthem of 春天花花同学会 crazily
Everyone was standing on the sofa, salute to our headmaster Adi Lee
We are the most crazy folks of 677

270608 03:10 clear
Everything was over but we were still extremely excited
On the way back to 677

family of 677 at K-box (guo en also becomes 677 member?)
270608 03:25 clear
I shouted hungry
Actually everyone too, so we decided to go to the 4am curry noodles which located at Sea Park
Waiting the clock to strike 4

270608 04:00 clear
Reach Sea Park, but no sign of the stall of curry noodles
One of our crazy folks, siput wheeled down the window and yelled at no one,"咖喱云吞面,做么无卖"
I had no way to stop her, but luckily it was early in the morning

270608 04:15 clear
Mc D breakfast was the only choice to fill our empty stomach
A set of Mc egg with a cup of hot coffee plus a free halved hash brown for me
But yet, i was not filled
For the past one and the half hour, crapping nonsense and laughing could be heard from our table

270608 06:02 clear
Back to 677
We decided to create our own ringtone of the sound of defecating in the toilet which we had discussed during crapping session

270608 06:16 clear
Finding the tool which used to make the sound of the stool falling into the toilet bowl
We used different sizes and weight of shampoo bottles, different shapes of stones to make the sound, even the door locks and tooth paste too
Some minutes later, we get a unique stone which gave the perfect sound after few tries of dropping it into a pail of water
During the dropping, Siput was wet because of the splash of water
Start our recording with Siput's Nokia N series phone
Siput was in charge of dropping the stone and the flushing
Ah Lin was in charge of making the sound of after defecating with "aahh...." (in cantonese means 舒服噻and the sound of wearing back the pants
Oil oil was in charge of making the zip sound with Adi's bag's zip
I was in charge of recording all of the sounds
Pei Ning was in charge of recording the whole process of making of sounds in video
3..2..1..action, (the translation of sounds is inaccurate cos' it is hard to be writen in words)
Yet, This N series gave a bad recording with a lot of noise

270608 06:30 clear
We changed the phone to Sony Ericsson W series
Had a try, proved that SE was better than Nokia
We had made a few tries to give the best recording but yet we weren't satisfied with the recording of SE
The Nokia's owners were not convinced that SE is better than Nokia
So the owners of Nokia also tried to record
We made the conclusion that Nokia's phone too sensitive in recording which explained the noise of the whole recording

270608 06:55 clear
It was almost 7 in the morning, all of us were tired with the tries and some of us were squatted down
The last strike
Everyone was ready.....action...........last process, flush the toilet......all of the sound was recorded....and cut
Replayed the recording, and everyone was satisfied (maybe because of tiredness *relief*)

270608 07:00 morning
Everyone was back to room and transferring the recording through bluetooth
Everyone laid on the bed except our Ah Lin姐 was so pity, had to prepare to work without any rest/sleep
To Ah Lin, good morning
To us, good night and sweet dream~

Thursday, June 26, 2008

bear bear~

My ever first bear which bought by myself at Ikea.....taa..daa....
It is a he. No name for him yet, but i call him bear bear....
He is my companion wherever i go....
When i go shopping, i bring him along...
When i go for a movie, i bring him along...
When i go fooling around, i bring him along...
I even brought him along when i went for Melacca & Muar Cari Makan Trip...



When i was on my way back KL, he was the only one sitting beside me
bear bear at One U

bear bear is riding giraffe and giraffe is still smiling~
tummy bear~

His companion, blossom...but now they breaks b'cos i separate them, one at my bed, another one at my wardrobe...*grin*
bear bear & his new friends at 677
He is my listener....He cheers me up whenever i'm down...He is just like my soulmate...Although he can't talk, but his smiley face which brings me happiness...
I ain't lonely, b'cos i got bear bearI love you, bear bear

Monday, June 23, 2008

A walk to remember~

Finally, i get to watch the movie which i wish----> A Walk To Remember
It's based on the 1998 romance novel by Nicholas Sparks, and has been filmed 2002.It's starring by Mandy Moore as Jamie Sullivan, Shane West as Landon Carter.
The story line is touching....

"Love is always patient and kind.
It is never jealous.
Love is never boastful or conceited.
It is never rude and selfish.
It does not take offense and is not resentful.
Love takes no pleasure in other people's sins, but delights in the truth.
It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes..."

Jamie's father, Peter Coyote as Reverend Sullivan (middle)

But what makes me more of it is when Jamie was in the hospital, her father looked serious, worrying the only daughter who had leukemia. My tears pour when looking at her father , it was just like an image of my papa, who sacrifices everything just because of us. I miss him so much. Most of us are not well in expressing our love to father rather than mother, right? Most of the father is like a very strict person, who look serious, hard to communicate nor sharing secret with him. They too, seldom express their love verbally, but actually they are. Just like the other scene where Landon hugged his father because he lent his hand to Jamie's medicare at home.

"...and in the mystery of all things you can't see but feel everywhere around you...."

Saturday, June 21, 2008

heart shape~

heart what most girls like
I'm the one of it...
I love the shape, because it is unique...
because it means love....
because it means heart...
I love to keep wrapping paper....
Still remember wherever i saw the heart shape, not thinking for any longer, i just grabbed it and straight away walked to the cashier counter.What would i do with those beautiful wrapping paper?
I wrap my book with it....haha~
My books become the most beautiful and lovely in the world...hehe~
besides that, my test pad cover also a heart shape too....
I'm studying with all the lovely heart~

Monday, June 16, 2008

girls' talk--->beer's talk

这是我们三个女生在昨夜的beer's talk的结论
listen to your inner voice and trust your instinct


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


要从事健康的,就如我们的科系名称biohealth science,我们简直就是皮毛,一点专业的边界也沾不上。

Monday, June 9, 2008



Wednesday, June 4, 2008


这些夜晚, 眼泪向我说明了什么。

what comes around, goes around...
In turn, what goes around, comes around....
that's the circulation....
everything is a cycle...