Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Christmas is the day for youngster to hang out, although the actual day was not meant so, yet the trend is, nowadays. Being at home as usual sounds pity to youngster. Parties everywhere, for you to choose, either clubbing or home-partying.

When i was in secondary, me too, like those youngster, thinking of hanging out on that day. But my parent won't allow me to go out late at night. They would say, "It's dangerous to go out late at night, especially for girls." Yup, i agree with them, it's true. But when it was christmas, how could i stay at home just like that?! Well, that time i was in the period of 'rebellion'. I was wishing to go out like the others. And my mum told me, "Do you know when two people met under the mistletoe, they may kiss?"

"If the guy wants to kiss the girl, just go under the mistletoe, he can kiss her 'legally'. Not only guy and girl, even two girls or two guys meet under the mistletoe, they may kiss each others."

I was whispering, "how cool is it? If i want to kiss the guy i like, what i need to do is to find the mistletoe above our head, then...." I know it sounds silly la. I was just dreaming during that age.

That's the story of mistletoe my mum told me. So in my mind, the purpose of mistletoe is to let two persons kiss and greet each others during the season. That's why i like mistletoe. (cos' i can kiss whoever i wish to kiss under the mistletoe. *giggling*)

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