Sunday, February 22, 2009

what a false alarm

Yesterday evening was raining cats and dogs, and horrifying thunders and lightning. The 1st horrifying thunder hit when the sun shined brightly, the following was droplets coming down. Then we quickly switched off the modem and router and plucked off the phone line.

Okies, i cut out the middle part, so we switched on everything when the rain stopped. And we could not online. DNS problem, the data LED did not light up. So we switched everything off, wait a while, and reopen again. Still the same. We thought get hit by thunder during the time we were going to switch everything off, and the problem happened like last time our modem/router get hit by thunder. It was so heart breaking, cos' i can't live without online. Online is so important to me, i know most of you too. I have no mood to study for my test at all. *kek simnya*

Today kept wasting my time, played game the whole day, still no mood to study. When i wanted to start study, i felt sleepy and took a nap. Huhu~ So after dinner, then wished to try my luck, i switched on everything, inserted my cable into the port, signed up my msn. The msn icon kept turning and turning, yet disconnected. I clicked on the troubleshoot, DNS problem again. Clicked on the repair button yet i already felt disappointing and hopeless. Mana tau, the problem had repaired and my msn get signed in. I was stuck, and then hooray, i finally can online lo. Feel so lucky and happy that our modem and router are ok. Thank god.

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