Thursday, October 30, 2008

coffee, tea or me?

Note: Happy birthday to my ex-roomie, siew yi...may your wishes come true~

I'm wondering, can i have my caffe latte at cooling Genting?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Canon Photo Marathon Malaysia 2008

This Saturday, 1st of November, there will be an event called Canon Photo Marathon Malaysia 2008 which is a photo shooting competition holds at Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur (Boulevard), from 7am to 8pm. Although the online registration is closed already, but for those who are interested in this contest, walk-in registration is available on that particular day. There are two categories for the competition, i.e. compact digital camera & DSLR. For more information, you can log in to here.

Date: 1st November 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 7am - 8pm
Venue: Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur (Boulevard)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my baby dear's birthday

Finally it's free for my blog updating. (Walaoe, using study week to blog rather than study. *sweat*) So, i treat my dear roomate, see leng for a meal to celebrate her birthday. So i brought her to Amuleto at Mid Valley for dinner.

The design, decoration and the lighting are good, seems to be a good environment to dine in. They utilize the mirror effect to let the whole place looks spacious. That is the bar with variety of alcohols.

Rosti with mushroom. Actually it's a onion patty with mushroon topping and it tastes good.

Karen always with her absolute expressional pose in the front of everyone for her food (forgot what is it).
B'day girl with her Amuleto's punch mocktail
Her spaghetti carbonara

dear roomie with her chocolate mint smoothies
and her Antartica salmon spaghetti (again, forgot the correct name of it) . A nice performed art of dish with colours of whatever that edible with a appetizing sauce.
Chix cordon bleu...and i guess this is a french dish because with the word bleu which means blue. Finally my french is usable too. *grin* The rod shape is a chicken meat with cheese in the middle of the rod. The meat is juicy and soft, unlike the others where the chicken meat usually is hard. And my favourite french fries, finger licking good.
Last but not least, with the birthday girl, see leng baby...muakz~
groundfloor, next to Chilli's
Mid Valley

Sunday, October 26, 2008

blue mood?

These photos have taken quite a time ago, where our organiser, wei mee has planned it for the whole biohealth(our batch only) and all of us must wear blue shirt. Here, i want to specially thank to wei mee who lend me her shirt. Actually i 'm not that happy with those guys, but luckily i still did the right choice to use wei mee's camera finally. I just dislike people who have something and show it off, just like the half-fulled coins in the piggy bank. Don't ever step my or my friend's tail, i won't let it be like this. Don't play play with me oh.

Our first venue was DK Teratai. Is this so called good camera? Please don't put my beloved canon in shame. I'm wondered is the misuse of mode or the mis-care of camera?
This was taken by wei mee's camera. Better still, right?

Spot the difference?

Next, we moved to ISB garden and luckily the rain stopped. TGI stopped. By "good camera".

This was taken by sue ping's nikon. Yet, better still.
Everyone is so cool. Do you spot me?
David is directed the position to stand while i'm so sensitive to the lens and pose for wei mee.
The gang in blue
I'm huge enough to cover the two girls..... this is so called huge sexy back. lol
We are at must-shoot sign whenever you visit UM, the sign of UM 2008
The 100 years old sign
Snap shot. Even my canon is better still. Although mine is more later, yet i wonder why?
After the photo session, camwhoring our gang but just left out david and hui xuan. We are all from the BMC members, this name is given by wei mee. That is our secret. *giggle*

What kind of pose is this? Ooo, kung fu la. *squeezed*
The last photo before the card is full. Where am i? I'm the one who capturing this photo lo. Once again, nice photo with a real good camera. Maybe good photographer? *evil grin* So, please don't say your camera is better than wei mee's before you haven't check it out.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

crying without tears

I'm so sorry that i couldn't attend to the birthday celebration for Xiao Yu and Ah Lin. So here is the post for you two,
Sorry and happy birthdayAngel's blessing for both of you.

Finally, the most busiest week in this semester had over. Thank god it's over. Although my study week is started, but i still have to busy with my thesis lab. And the most saddest thing is the rats we bought from the pet shop which we had so susah payah picked the male rats but it's all ended up female. How am i going to write my thesis where my title is about the testicle while i didn't get any result of it. Anyone can help me? Where can i get male rat? I want baby and adult rats as well. I want Sprague dawley. Anyone please? *sob sob*

I Like To Move It, Move It with Madagascar 2!

First of all, i was thinking, is the Madagascar 2 going to dance crazily in the jungle just like the song sang "i like to move it move it, i like to move it..." If it's so, then it must be very interesting seeing those animals shaking their butts in the jungle.... Just imaging when you see



Gloriashaking on the screen, how will it be? Will the whole theater is shaking too? I have no idea about it. It's all my imagination. *giggle* And this time, what will those so called ingenious penguins have done again?

While i'm google-ing for Madagascar 2, i've found something interesting in the official website where they have the trailer, story, games and so forth. Click here.

And now Nuffnang is giving out the Premiere Movie Screening of Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa, this is the first time i enroll myself on the free ticket screening by Nuffnang, and hopefully i can get myself a pair of tickets from Nuffnang. Looking forward to it.

So, what ya waiting for, sing with me and everyone dances now,
I like to move it, move it,
I like to move it.

This is the trailer, enjoy~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


可是亲爱的 你怎么不在我身边
我的亲爱的 你怎么不在我身边
一个人过一天 像过一年
可是亲爱的 你怎么不在我身边
我的亲爱的 你怎么不在我身边
一个人过一天 像过一年

亲爱的你怎么不在我身边 by 江美琪 Melody Chiang Mei Chi
The song suits for those who are in long distance relationship
The video of the song

This is another song from her which called 双手的温柔

She has a great and nice voice but she isn't that popular as Jolin or Stephanie.
How can us let her voice just disappears like this?


Sunday, October 19, 2008

nightmare of thesis

This afternoon, i went back to UM to do my thesis's lab, where we have to inject those rats with nicotine treatment. We weighed the rats, and calculated the volume that we needed to be injected to the rat according to their weight. So i took a syringe and pumped the nicotine into the syringe and started the injection. Just after it, so i quickly took up the cap and covered the syringe needle tip back cos' it is dangerous to let the needle to be exposed. When i pushed the cap back, the needle bended and poke through it and straight away punctured my hand. I thought it would be alright as i wore double pieces of hand gloves. So i took out the gloves to check for safety. It was a tiny little hole on my ring finger, and i was still thinking it would be ok. Just a few seconds later, the wound started to bleed. *sigh* So i had to go to take injection at clinic but now i still not yet did it. Just sooner or later. Hope it would be fine. Long time i didn't take injection, a bit afraid of it.

The next thing that scared me was i discovered a snake on a corner of the roof of the animal house which we kept our rats and mices there. That creature was not small, i suddenly felt so afraid and gooseflesh too. I hate "cold-blooded" animals like snake, frog and so forth. And snake can sting. wtf. The animal house was a nightmare to me. I just wonder why i choose the title which have to deal with animals. Hope i can quickly finish it so that i no need to be there again. Wish me lucks~

Saturday, October 18, 2008

men vs women

Sometimes i don't understand why men and women are so different form each other? And i have no choice but to accept the fact where men are from mars, women are from venus. Or earth? Please ignore the text in the picture.

a lil bit of me~

Sometimes i don't like to be captured but sometimes i do. It's all depends on my mood.

But one thing for sure, i like capturing photograph, yet not good technically. I bring my camera along wherever i go since the time i had my ever first camera at 2004. (Someone influenced me actually)
Oh ya, besides eating, i love coffee too. But too much of coffee is not good to health. So i'm trying my best to reduce it.
One more thing, i like black. I have a lot of black clothes. And after my course night, David started to call me black widow as from top to bottom were all blackish stuffs except my tanned skin colour. I think i suit the title much where it called the colour of night, so it means black lo....*giggle*

p/s: specially thank to Ben who took those photographs by his Canon EOS 450D .

Thursday, October 16, 2008

busy till' the last day of sem~

Next week is my last week for this semester. And it is also the most busiest week of all, where the 1st three days will be having my ko-k practical and an oral test for my french on Wednesday, followed by Hari Ko-k on Thursday and last but not least the last day of the semester will be having my chronic disease's test. Pengsan terusnya~

I'm busy, yet not for playing time...
Wish me luck~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it's all about my car

Do you spot something on the dashboard?

Ya, seventy seven thousand seven hundred and seventy seven, that is the number. My car had run for a really long way since 2003, how many turns of KL to Penang, Penang to KL, Melacca, Muar and some other places too. I used five years to build up this figure, so you can imagine that is all because i memang suka lepak sini sana. *giggle* And one thing, i'll be very suffered without any car transport, cos' i can't cabut anymore. So, car is very important to me. (I turned two more rounds to let the last 6 turn to 7 where actually i already reached home, how silly was i~)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sushi King's RM2 Privilege Bonanza

Announcement: Sushi King is now having their RM2 privilege bonanza from 13(Mon) to 16(Thu) October for members . This date is for west coast only.Just had a very full meal at Mid Valley outlet, but this time they don't have unagi which is my favourite. *sigh* I think this will be the last time i'm using my own card cos' i don't want to apply anymore as i seldom go Sushi King unlike former time.

Anyway, have a nice day & enjoy your meal~

Sunday, October 12, 2008

677 family website~

Finally, shee ying's web authoring assignment is done....
let's have a look on here

Oh ya, so glad that she used the full version of my description about 677 family....:p

house of fishball~

Last Thursday, had my dinner at Seapark with Shee Ying. At first, she suggested to have porridge as we wanted to have something warm cos' it was a raining day. Well, in the end, i'd chosen this House of Fishball cos' it looked better cos it seemed to have more customers than that porridge restaurant besides it.

We had our hainan tea. Although i'm hainanese, but i didn't know about hainan tea yet i've heard for hainan coffee only. Now, i knew how is it. It was like coffee mixed with tea and with a thick condense milk at the bottom. Looked nice, taste great, just b'cos this is hainanese's drink....*evil grin*

This was the nasi lemak Shee Ying ordered. They had various kinds of nasi lemak, and this was nasi lemak sotong. The nasi tasted really good b'cos of the strong pandan savor. (RM 4.50)

I ordered the fried fish noodle and chu cheong fun. It was ok. I still prefered my hometown's char kuey tiao personally. (RM5.50)

We ordered some additional small dishes like yong tau fu(bean curd) and shui kao(boiled dumpling). The yong tau fu was smooth, just loving it.

Shui kao(boiled dumpling) was nice too.
Although we were at house of fishball, but we didn't order any fishball. This restaurant had the promotion of 50% off for the food after 9.30 pm. Actually the food there is not bad. I wonder why? But it has successfully attracted me to go for the next time when i'm poor. *giggle*


Human, is a special creature,
either good or bad creature,
it's an angel, it's also a devil,
it can think, eat, talk, play,
and do anything it wants,
it will change from time to time,
so beware of human creature,
cos' you won't know,
if one day it will harm you or not,

Good luck, everyone.