Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nearly had an accident

Today i nearly had an accident. Just because of 'kepo'. *kepo is a hokkien word which meant arousing interest because of inquisitive or curiosity*

Back to my incident, so it was happened at the flyover of Jalan Universiti, the flyover which near the KFC and Millenium court. Lots of accidents happened there, just because of the bad draining system. Whenever there is a rain, there will be flooded. Before the incident happened, i told putput that later there will be an accident happened at the flyover when we was passing by the flyover with pool of water after class. "That Wednesday i should snap some photos of the car accident and blog about it with the title 'this is M'sia' ", i told putput. Then a few minutes later after i reached home, putput called me and asked me whether i had gone out already or not. Well, i was going to Mid Valley with my roomate who had finished her final.

"Not yet. Will be going out soon."
"Remember to bring your camera along. Got a car had turned over at there."

My camera always be with me whenever i go out. Get into the car, and we started our drive to Mid Valley.

My incident was approaching. So we drove onto the flyover, and we saw the car accident. The car was turned over like what putput told me. The opposite road was jammed like hell. I used my eye squinted at that accident's car, wanted to know which production was the car. And i spotted, it was saga. The incident happened here, and i saw the kancil in front of me slow down with super duper low speed, like almost stopped down when approaching the opposite scene. Well, my car was moving downward at the flyover(although with lower speed yet faster than the damn kancil), and i had my emergency brake yet it was too late, and i rotated my steering wheel to the left lane while looking at the mirror, luckily that was no other vehicles on that lane. My intuition led me to punch my horn at that kancil while passing it, it were two malay guys in the car, and yet still looking at the accident opposite without wondering about why i pressed the horn. I was....... really speechless. He still did not know he nearly caused another accident. Damn it. WTF.

After the incident, i kept wondering if there was a car or motorcycle on the left lane, i might hit them. Or if my brake does not work, i might hit onto the kancil, and both of us get injured. My roomate did not get shocked on the spot while i did after kept refreshing the incident.

Please, i beg people (including myself also) who are driving, please don't look at the incident like accident, car broken down at roadside and so forth, please keep moving, please don't slow down and stare, you will not only cause traffic congestion, despite an accident too. Like what always tells the public, stop staring and keep moving on. Thank for your cooperation.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Je fais les courses au Jusco supermarché

So, today our plan changed.

I didn't go to shop in the morning yet putput did, alone.
Despite, i went right after my test, alone.

And never ever take any extra money just in case you afraid not of enough. That so called extra money has turned into extra spending. *cry without tears* Now, i'm categorized as big spender.

My glory: a swimsuit, a pair of beach pant, a pair of shoes, a sling bag, three packet of baby milk bath, a bottle of hair shampoo, and my favourite---> nescafe, it's all. These costs me ....... *bleeding*

Girls like me just know to shop, sound so useless. That is our favourite hobby. *bo huat* I start to pity my future hubby. Hope haven't frighten guys out there. (I know i had already. *sigh* Cos' i don't see a sign also. Maybe sudah cabut.)


Monday, February 23, 2009

entre 'test' et 'shopping'

Tomorrow still have one more test, i.e french test.
Tomorrow is j-card member's day, OMG, sales!
Tomorrow i'll be going to j-card day with put to shop in early morning.
Tomorrow we will be sitting the test after our shopping in the afternoon.
So tonight have to speed up my revision, if not no shopping for tomorrow.
Die, feel sleepy now. OMG!
Je vais les courses demain.
Bonne chance, angel~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

what a false alarm

Yesterday evening was raining cats and dogs, and horrifying thunders and lightning. The 1st horrifying thunder hit when the sun shined brightly, the following was droplets coming down. Then we quickly switched off the modem and router and plucked off the phone line.

Okies, i cut out the middle part, so we switched on everything when the rain stopped. And we could not online. DNS problem, the data LED did not light up. So we switched everything off, wait a while, and reopen again. Still the same. We thought get hit by thunder during the time we were going to switch everything off, and the problem happened like last time our modem/router get hit by thunder. It was so heart breaking, cos' i can't live without online. Online is so important to me, i know most of you too. I have no mood to study for my test at all. *kek simnya*

Today kept wasting my time, played game the whole day, still no mood to study. When i wanted to start study, i felt sleepy and took a nap. Huhu~ So after dinner, then wished to try my luck, i switched on everything, inserted my cable into the port, signed up my msn. The msn icon kept turning and turning, yet disconnected. I clicked on the troubleshoot, DNS problem again. Clicked on the repair button yet i already felt disappointing and hopeless. Mana tau, the problem had repaired and my msn get signed in. I was stuck, and then hooray, i finally can online lo. Feel so lucky and happy that our modem and router are ok. Thank god.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hate crime

Nowadays, lots of crime happened at section 17, PJ. And those criminal with parang on their hand to rob. It's frightening. And they always aim students as target, cos' lots of students are staying here. And they like to aim girls as their easy target. When you walked along the road after coming back from school, they snatched your bag. When you reached home while unlocking the door, they followed you in to your house and grabbed everything valuable from your house. When you were not around, they broke into your house too. I'm so worried and afraid. I just can't think if the parang is coming down to our hand or whatsoever. When i get out of my car and walk back home, i look here and there. When there is motorcycle passes by, i will gaze at the motorcyclist. Sometimes, the motocyclists are uncles or aunties. Uncles and aunties, paiseh la, not wanting to suspect you, just to be alert only.

Everywhere is so dangerous besides PJ, who can protect us from those crime? Can we rely on our policemen? I wonder. Anyway, to policemen in my beloved country, hope that you all will take action, to protect the citizen. Don't tell me that you are afraid of those criminal. If not you, then who will protect the citizen? *crying without tears*

To criminal, i wonder why you all like to take student as target, you thought students are very rich? You thought the PTPTN is a large amount for us? Actually it is just tiny little shit. We save every single cost just to survive. Everything is increasing here, how are students going to survive with it? We, students have to pay back PTPTN with interest. And please, criminal, you have hands and legs, why don't you get a job? Don't tell me that economy is bad, no job at all. I still can see companies offer jobs through jobstreet, jobdb and so forth. Money is ain't easy to earn without effort. Don't go and steal/rob/snatch to get easy money, that's our(everyone who works/studies) money with sweat and toil.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be my valentine

A boy and a girl are walking around in their life

They meet in the middle of the way. They look into each other eyes.

He holds her hand tight and he kisses her. They fall in love.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

My Valentine

If there were no words, no way to speak
I would still hear you
If there were no tears, no way to feel inside
I'd still feel for you

And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme,
You would still have my heart until the end of time
You're all I need, my love, my valentine

All of my life
I have been waiting for all you give to me
You've opened my eyes and shown me how to love unselfishly

I've dreamed of this a thousand times before
In my dreams I couldn't love you more
I will give you my heart until the end of time
You're all I need, my love, my valentine

And even if the sun refused to shine,
Even if romance ran out of rhyme,
You would still have my heart until the end of time
'Cause all I need is you, my valentine.
You're all I need, my love, my valentine
~Happy Valentine's Day~

Friday, February 13, 2009

Black Friday

Today is 13th, and it falls on Friday, oh no it's a Black Friday. Is Black Friday that bad? To me, it's just an ordinary day. But it seems like lots of bad things had happened on this day like battle, crisis, disaster and so forth. Well, Black Friday has other definition too, in US, it is the day after thankgiving, which can be considered shopping day to them. In some context, it means the last friday before Christmas. And there are a lot of meaning for Black Friday, click here and here if you are interested to know.
Good luck. Black Friday, cheers~

Thursday, February 12, 2009

During Chinese New Year

Last year, didn't have any celebration cos' my grandpa passed away. This year, as usual visited to relatives' house. It was tiring cos' i had headache whenever i stepped out the house. Maybe due to the damn hot weather during CNY. And this year, i'd met up with my secondary schoolmates while visited to si han's house.

The girls

What to do when visiting? Ahha, gambling la. Poker or Mahjong or both? Well, i was there just watched them mahjong-ing. Stole some gang hu(skills).

We were chit-chatting and playing with Candace, si han's niece. She is cute, active and smart girl.

Group photo before end of the day

With Mahjong as well, we're the 雀神 (god of sparrow). Looked at Cancade's expression, comelnya!

Met up my best buddies during my secondary, lye hoong, keat hui and yan chien and her bf too at Queensbay. Huhu~

3 kakis

Not to forget, my cute niece, Alicia. She smiled at me when i wanted to take photo although she was eating. And she is only 3 years++, but she likes to eat by herself(she doesn't like the elder feed her). Smart girl.

And her brother, Isaac. Aiyo, he was so happy when we visited to aunt's house. Walk here and there, and speaking the baby's language which we did not understand. But we knew he was very excited.

Back to KL, visited to wei mee's house with coursemates, and had steamboat at her house too. We played killer, chit-chat and making horror video as well. *sweat* And we wore the socks that wei mee bought for us and took lots of photos lo.

Rocks! Pretended only la~

Met up with chia and wen at Midvalley. Had lunch, chit-chat and went to watch Bride Wars. And shopping lo, i'd overspent by adding 2 dresses and a skirt into my closet. Now, i've to save cost by forcing myself to use RM7 per day. *sigh*


Life is full of happiness,
when having you around,
cheers, my friends.

PS: Happy birthday, chia. May the best come to you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Under the moonlight

This was the brightest moon i ever seen in my life. It was the first of four penumbral lunar eclipse in year 2009, and it fell at 9th of February, which was the Chap Goh Meh, 元宵节(fifteenth day of the first month in Chinese calendar, which is also known as Chinese Valentine's day). The illumination was so widespread and shined until our shadows could be seen on the floor.

Taken just outside my balcony. Thank xin rou who asked us to have a look at this special moonlight

At different places,
under the same moonlight,
which shined our love,
Happy belated Chap Goh Meh~

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A bloody meal 血.宴

Well, this is another new video made by david during CNY when we visited wei mee, it's known as A Bloody Meal 血.宴

The story begins with a group of friends visited(拜年)one of their friend's house. The horrifying moment started when her parents....... watch it, although it is not scary at all yet it is funny. Maybe you will think we are so syok sendiri, why not? Enjoy our last semester of uni life before we step into working sphere. Or maybe one of them will be actor/actress, who knows? *dreaming*

Monday, February 9, 2009


This was my x'mas present from him. It is a planner from Starbuck. The cover is made of leather, but i think it's an artificial leather, cos' ......*bulb lighted* it does not smell. I love the cover, do you spot that there are leaves printing under lining? The theme of this planner is begin.grow.flow.


When you open it, the first page is portrayed by the coffee beans' sofa. Just relax, have a coffee and start planning for the year.

In between every month, there are some painting and photos too. Some of these are the description of the making of Starbuck's coffee.

For every planner that you have purchased, RM1 is contributed to charity. Such a good idea to help the needy. You can change the planner every year too.

Begin with the journey of 2009
Grow with every path that i have been through which i'll never deny
Flow with content yet regretless throughout my life
-angel's path-

Sunday, February 8, 2009

belated post for my b'day

First of all, i wish to thank everyone who wished me and who celebrated for me. Thank you very much. Terima kasih. Danke. Merci beaucoup. Arigato. 至万二分谢意. Kam sia.

Thank my family too, who wished me and celebrated with me, although the cake was small, but i felt blessed.

Thank mum and auntie who gave me angpow.

Thank my dear who accompanied me the whole night and treated me such a delicious meal and the most earliest present too. Love that tiramisu. That was a special night, smile and tears crossing in between. *wink* And that beautiful roses too, this is the first roses i have from you. *blush*

Thank felix who be the first one which dated me one month earlier from my big b'day. yet i didn't make it, i'm sorry.

Thank 677 gang who gave me such suprise b'day celebration. I really thought it was the celebration for reese when the cake was carried out. Thank shee ying, pei li, oil oil, jenna, , kivi, ah lin, xiao yu, adi, ah than, guo en and 677 new member reese.

Thank my Uni buddies, shuang, xiao beh, waimei and see leng who celebrated for me. Thank for the hearty celebration.

Thank see leng who bought me secret recipe classic cheese and tiramisu. I love them so much. But feel sorry that i didn't finish all of them.

Thank coursemates who sang b'day song loudly for me at the cafe. Thank wei mee who brought the sponge cake, although it was imitation and not for this actual purpose, but i felt so happy too, just because of having you all as my coursemates, sue ping, hui xuan, hui chee, suk yun, david, angie, shee ying and wei mee.

Thank Tyan who gave me my ever first perfume as b'day present. That must be very expensive, somemore limited edition tim. I've owned you a big one. And that sms was so touched, don't worry, i'm always your supportive friend, forever. *grin*

Thank my friends who greeted me through sms, msn, phone call, facebook, friendster and what else, can't remember already. *screwing my head* Feel so glad that you all still remembered my b'day and i've felt the blessing. This would be a wonderful birthday for me with all of your wishes. Thankssssssss.....

They were stopping the candles from blowing off by the air-con

Creamy angel

Smile with cream

677 family's portrait

After the celebration, lou sang at 677. We put those materials at pot's cover, cos' that was the only biggest 'plate' we could find.

My second cake from wai mei, xiao beh and shuang. Very cute huh?

Shuang, xiao beh, me and see leng

Hardly get wai mei into, you look nice ma.

My beloved classic cheese and tiramisu

Have dinner at Michelangelo's, Soho KL

My b'day meal, quite big portion, but the chicken thigh is just ok. The spaghetti is nice. Well, i forgot to take my tiramisu, if you have walked in to Michelangelo's, must try that dessert, it's marvellous.

My ever first roses from him

Well, must have taken some photos with the flower before they dry up. They look abit dry here b'cos i've enclosed them in the car for the whole day. Sorry, my roses.

My lovely coursemates

My b'day present

This is from felix ah gong, cute right? This cow cow is from shanghai.

My ever first perfume from tyan, Envy 2 me limited edition

PS: If i've left out anyone of you, i apologize, sorry for my forgettery.

Bride Wars

Today have watched Bride Wars at Mid Valley, i love the story, although it's simple, but it's meaningful. Actually it's about how the two girls battle for the location of wedding, yet the movie brought out the consequences of friendship, relationship and self esteem. Lots of laughter too. The story somehow has touched me especially the last scene until i tear.

The world is not perfect,
and human as well,
don't force yourself to the edge,
it will only suffered your own in the end,
sometimes we must learn how to let it be,
appreciate what you have now.

Over tan Emma and blue hair Liv

I like Anne Hathaway, just because of Princess Diary, she is so so beautiful and lovely. If you haven't watch yet, try this, not a bad one. Enjoy~

Friday, February 6, 2009

our fate

Is it your luck or mine,
which brought you back to my side,
thank God who have fulfilled my wish,
that won't be happened in my life,
but now it's coming towards us,
have to believe in fate.

Neither candle-lit dinner nor roses,
no matter how will it be,
what i want is you by my side,
and that will be the greatest blessing.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Just want to share a video from David, 妖孽大战,have some laughter for this moo~ year.