Monday, February 23, 2009

entre 'test' et 'shopping'

Tomorrow still have one more test, i.e french test.
Tomorrow is j-card member's day, OMG, sales!
Tomorrow i'll be going to j-card day with put to shop in early morning.
Tomorrow we will be sitting the test after our shopping in the afternoon.
So tonight have to speed up my revision, if not no shopping for tomorrow.
Die, feel sleepy now. OMG!
Je vais les courses demain.
Bonne chance, angel~


Shee Ying said...

a correction here.
i think should be entre test et shopping

angeline said... vous remercie...
mata sepek...
Anyway, merci beaucoup...
Je t'aime

Shee Ying said...

je te n'aime pas.
dunno correct onot.