Tuesday, December 22, 2009

snatch theft at SS2

Just a half an hour ago, an incident happened at an alleyway beside kei tak sek, SS2, PJ. Two snatch thieves, one was riding a motorbike, the other one snatched a guy's bag. They snatched and ran through the opposite way of the road in front of the Maybank. I was standing besides the Maybank, awaiting my pairs of heels to be done by a shoe-maker. I wasn't so close to the incident happened, but i heard a table knocking and falling sound from the direction, and looked over there. The snatch thieves were two malay guys, looked quite young. And no one was helping the victims to chase the thieves, cos' the incident happened in a flash of time, me too couldn't respond in time. There was a police station at the upper end of the road, but the thieves seemed like were not fear at all. From far, i could see the guy's neck was red, i guess the bag should be a sling bag. This incident scared me, don't you think so? The victim is a guy, the bag carried is a sling bag. Most of us will think that carry a sling bag will be safer than carry a handbag, although not the safest. Yet, from the incident, we could conclude that neither sling bag nor hand bag is safe. The best, without any bags. Guys and girls, please be aware.

Should display a guy rather a lady for the above incident....
source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/38/SnatchThieves003.jpg

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wish me lucks~

I've been through a very bad lucks this going-to-end-soon year. 1st of all, my tyre get flatten due to a hit on the road side. Two tyres cost me 300++ bucks. Secondly, my cellphone died off because of the attachment of the charger can't detach the electric flow from the charger. There, i spent another 4 digits. Recently, this past Sunday, i lost my purse, with IC, driving license, ATM card, and money as well. Again, have to spend for few hundred bucks and troublesomeness. How bad luck am i? It seems like a lottery, one month once.

Really hope the bad lucks halt here. And hoping for a better luck. Wish me lucks. *Praying hard*

Friday, December 4, 2009

I'M BACK!!!!

Friends and folks, I'm truly back to my path, the angel's path is reviving. Stay tuned.