Friday, September 26, 2008

once upon a time at Kim Gary~

Look through my folder and find some photos look so interesting.... It was taken during one friday where we were having lunch at Kim Gary, Mid Valley. Let's the photos do the talk again:

take 1: Shee Ying was looking at my noodles and whispering, "ceh, noodles only ma, nothing special".

take 2: dripping saliva and thinking,"when my food will be served?"

take 3: don't ever take a bite or i'll stab you by my fork

it's me~ *blush*

TGIF on monday

This monday, went gai gai after class (not after class, was skipping class actually). Had my dinner at TGI Friday's, 1 utama, or i called it according which day i go, so it was TGI monday's. *grin* This was the second time i went there, as the first time , it was on the valentine's day. Two singles were having dinner together on that day, sounded funny right? But who cares....*evil grinning* Back to it, to avoid from clashing with buka puasa time, we had our dinner early.

Personally, I like this shot so much~ dc also can get good shot too...
I wanted to order a hot chocolate but they don't have although it was in the menu. So i decided to change another hot drink but the choices of hot drink was so little. In the end, i had a cold apple juice which tasted like the sunkist's apple juice box drink. *speechless*

I was so happy while having it, simply because i wanted to have something cheezy and the taste which suited what i want truly, the cheezy sauce, and the mashed potato with cheddar cheese too. The chicken breast was juicy and the meat was just nice, not too hard...
sizzling chicken and cheese

Jack Daniel's Burger
I like the fries cos' they were really crispy....c'est tout ce que j'aime which means i'm loving it in french.

Sometimes, i wonder why the menu of TGI Friday's, Chili's and Tony Roma's looks so alike, the differences between them are the varieties of food and their name too. *giggle*

keep holding on~

When the hands are holding together, the hearts too......
Will it means forever?
As the song sang by Avril Lavigne, keep holding on~

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I love raining. Love to observe the rains fall. Love the cooling weather with the blowing wind. Love to observe the cloud which is speeding on top of the sky. But i hate lightning.
Most of the people will run like hell when rain start pours. But somehow i wish to be showered in the rain.

I wish that someone will walk with me in the rain. Will you?

What about kiss in the rain?
I start day-dreaming.......*grin*


And i guess i know why i am so emotional today.....angel in the dark~

677 family website?

Thank to shee ying for looking up for me to help her writing a description for 677 family, which it's her ko-k web authoring assignment. The description will be putting at her website which is mainly about 677 family. There it goes:

677, is a big family with 12 crazy buddies....yet they are cute, kind and friendly.
Why are they known as crazy? As they get together, they act insanely without caring of others' sight.
What is family means to 677?
It means nobody will get left behind.....
Welcome to 677 big family

Just a simple description, hope she will use the whole phrase. Can't wait to look forward for her underconstructed website. Gambateh~

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I hate "road" rats...

I apologize for those disgusted photos, but this will be the last one ( i hope so). This past tuesday, we had to dissect rats for our practical, but this time it were rats which caught in the drains, in houses, markets, rubbish sites and so forth. We had to collect the ectoparasites and endoparasites as well for observation whether they bring disease or not. They were dirty, smelly, and gelinya. We nearly wanted to vomit although we had masked ourselves. The smell really boleh pengsan!

After doing it, i'm very blissful that my research is used experimental white rats, at least they look cleaner and not that smelly. Salute to my two coursemates who doing with those so called "road" rats.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Most of the suppliers told us that there were too many schools/uni using rats for research use, and now the market was out of stock. wtf. If we don't find any rats, then how are we going to start our research? *sob sob* This monday, we quickly went to the pet shop at the top of mid valley to try our luck for rat hunting right after our class. ( Anyone can do me a favour if you have any Sprague dawley? I need it urgently. Thanks a lot) Before rat hunting, we went to have our early dinner as we didn't want to crash with the buka puasa time.

We chose the Paddington, house of pancakes which located at the ground floor. There was just a table of people sitting in it, cause it was too late for tea time while too early for dinner. The menu was too thick for me to choose, varieties of choices of pancakes, sweet with fruits and ice-cream topping, vegie, meat; all kinda combinations you can actually found in the menu. I just knew that an ordinary pancake can have so much outcomes.

I ordered a cup of latte, with my beloved heart-shape's cream was drawn on it.

This was the pancake that shee ying ordered. Forgot what was the name, minced chicken stuffing. Just like mine, prague with minced chicken too. The pancake was ok, but it looked not like a pancake that i imagined. However, i preferred those ordinary pancake. It was not worth for the price cause the portion was small. The sour sauce tasted better with spaghetti i think but sorry not with pancake.


Shee Ying and her i-called-as-mutabak-like pancake

Me and my capati-like pancake

Maybe i chose the wrong course which don't suit my taste. Hope there will be some others which suit me.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

happy mid-autumn festival

Today is the 15th day of the 8th lunar month in chinese calendar, which is the mid-autumn festival, some called as mooncake festival or lantern festival. Surely, mid-autumn festival will have moon cakes and pomeloes to eat, lanterns to play. The moon will be the roundest, the brightest and the most beautiful tonight if it's a clear night. So hope that tonight no rain at all. Oh ya, some chinese people will pray to the moon.

There is a legend about the moon, where there is a lady, 嫦娥 (chang er in chinese) and a jade rabbit,玉兔 (yu tu in chinese) living together in the moon. There is a guy too, 后羿 (hou yi), but what i know about hou yi is the archer who shoot down the 9 suns to save the earth from being burnt. I have search for the mid-autumn festival in wikipedia, actually there are several versions of the legend.

The beautiful Chang'e

Still remembered that, we would walk with lighted lantern when we were small kid, and the lanterns were made by paper and metal wire, where it was easily caused fire too. But now, most of the lanterns have modified and made by plastic and using a bulb and battery to light it. Yet i still like the traditional lantern.

I miss the old time when relatives and cousins were gathered at granny's house to celebrate the mid-autumn festival, having cup of tea while eating the moon cakes, and looking at the full moon. Happy mid-autumn festival to everyone, specially to my family and friends, miss you. Wish that we can look at the moon together although we are at different places, dear, thinking of you.

Friday, September 12, 2008

trip to UKM for rat dissection

On the same day of the visit to mini farm, we had to rush to UKM to do our rat dissection at 2 in the noon which actually we were not wish to go. After finished the practical which ended at 1 noon, we quickly rushed back to our lab to take our needed tool, grabbed a sandwich from the cafe and drove the way to UKM. Letihnya....

Before we started our work,
shee ying tried to act cute

happy-go-lucky wei mee with her dissecting set

pretty huey chyi and wei mee again

me , holding a forcep on my hand actually

don't play play with this girl, or not she will pinch you with the forceps on her hand....*evil grin*

Let's the photos do the talking:

this were those followed-straightly-with-instruction's workpiece

this was do-according-situation's workpiece

what happen?

no eyes see.........
They just like tore off the clothes(skin and organs which beside the tray) of the rat while leaving the head(brain) and backbone(spinal cord).

finished lo, packing and preparing for dinner.... not sure was due to too much of energy being used up during dissection, or we ate too little for our lunch....

After the dissection at UKM, we decided to have kajang satay as our dinner, as wei mee hadn't have it before. Actually i was not familiar with the route from UKM to kajang, but after turning a big round, we still get ourselves there. But traffic jammed on the way because it was time for malays to buka puasa.

too hungry d..... my wai sek look had been captured.... -.-\\\ I think it looked like a roasted chicken, my roomate said it's rat. *sweat* What do you think?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tok Janggut~

Finally, i have time to update the tok janngut. These few weeks i was damn busy with thesis la, lab la, presentation la and so forth.... Those stuffs really took my breath away. Okies, so last thursday, our practical was going to the mini farm which near 12th college there in UM. Actually it is more like a farm of different species of goats with those smelly goat odor(the smell is actually emitted from their excreted product). Anyway, it was a great experience visiting the farm, and those goats were very cute, tame and friendly. They seems like welcomed us when we walked towards the farm, mie here and there, sounds like saying hi to us.

This is the duck-mouth-like apparatus which used for artificial insemination. It is inserted into the female goat's vagina and the tiny tube in the middle of the apparatus which contained with sperms is injected into the uterus of the female goat. When the postgraduate was demonstarted on a female goat, and it yelled like hell. We couldn't do anything while feeling sympathy to it.

The practical was mostly about biotechnological technique which dealing with reproductive technology. The lecturer and the postgraduates were showing us the technique of artificial insemination, sperm collection, sperm count, blood sampling and so forth. Everyone of us had the chance to take the blood sample of the goat, it was interesting and it was easier to deal with goat rather than rat. I thought the goat would struggle strongly just like those small creatures when the syringe was inserted into the vein, but it was out of my expectation, they were just let you poked tamely.

The stuff there is showing us the artificial vagina

1st step: Inject some cold water into it, so that the temperature is mimicked to the temperature of the vagina of female goat.

2nd step: Close up the opening to avoid the water from leaking out. Tighten the artificial vagina using the black pump(the arrow point there) so that it is similar to the actual vagina of the female goat.

3 step: Apply some lubricant gel at the opening of vagina to smoothen the surface.

4 step: Put the artificial vagina to the penis of the male goat which is 'on heat' and tadaa..., the semen collection is done.

The postgraduate was demonstrated the technique of collecting the fish sperms from the still alive-ing Tilapia.

Below were the photos i took from the farm..... and pictures spoke a thousand words....I took it when we were listening to the lecturer explained about the artificial semination....and this whitish goat seems like wanna join us too....They were kinda "ba gua"(curious about something).

This lamb was curious about our visiting until it stepped up its mother 's body to find out what happened outside.....

small little sheep turned back to let me captured its pity face~