Sunday, November 8, 2009

hongkies' dim sum

A delayed post, it's about hongkies' dim sum at a Restaurant in Pearl International Hotel, Old Klang Road. It's a buffet style, meaning that we paid that particular amount and we can order as many as we want, as long as we can finish it. Sound good right? It's worth to eat, cos' we only pay RM 27.80 per pax (adult). But we paid even lesser, thank to angie for the coupon. Just a few pics i've taken, let them tell you.






This pic taken from angie. The desserts.

The menu

Last but not least, group photo before leave.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

this is life....

Do you happy with your life? Somehow, it is. But somehow, it's not. Life is beautiful initially, but we seem to make life difficult, cos' we wish to own more. We start to demand on what we are living. We want plenty of outfit, good coffee, gold card, nice car, big house; a luxurious life. To pursue the life of luxury, we start working very hard, b'cos we ain't rich. I'm doubt when will this life is going to end, cos' human never felt satisfactory with what they have. What upset me is i'm one of them. I thought i can live with a simple life, indeed i was wrong. I'm materialistic as well.

Sad or happy?