Tuesday, January 27, 2009


红色季节, proudly presented by BHM club

This video, which is directed and edited by David. We are like the puppet, act whichever he asks us to do at the doorway, seminar room and cafe as well. Lots of laughters during the shooting. Actually all of us don't know anything including the content and song until last friday, we finally watch it all in the mv. Nearly pengsan. Anyway good job, David. It's such a sweet, funny and memorable thing happened during our Uni life. Cheers and enjoy~

Monday, January 26, 2009

The year of Ox

Wishing everyone Happy Chinese 牛 year
May best of lucks, wealth and health by your side

It's my year, moo~moo~

PS: Just a reminder here, please don't wish "裁员"广进 to the others during CNY, especially at this critical moment. Cheers~

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

old angel look

Angel's old look from now on, a year older lo~

Picture taken at Full House Restaurant, Ara Damansara.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Italiannies, here i come~

Finally get myself to Italiannies for the brand new spaghetti in bowls which i wish to try it for so long.

Italiannies, here i come.....

Bear bear is also here to say hi~

When we just have our seat, the waiter serves us the free breads and he pours a plate full of olive oil and some vinegar to dip with the breads. Wow~, i never know that olive oil and this special-made vinegar are a great combination with bread.

So, i have an iced cafe latte and my boss has his iced cafe mocha. We ordered a classic pizza, a combo spaghetti which i wish to taste it, and cappucino pie as our dessert.

We have chosen lasagna, pomodoro, salmon and shrimp as the four flavours of our spaghetti. I love the bowl with angel hair and shrimp. Well, the shrimp is so juicy and fresh. Yum yum. That salmon's bowl is some sort like salad, so it's served cool, and the shell shape pasta is a bit hard. The lasagna is too salty for me.

Huge pieces of pizza which can serve up to 4 persons. Overall, it's nice. But we are too full till' we have to take away the leftover. Don't waste food ma, especially such delicious food. *grin*

Another huge dish, our dessert---> Cappucino pie. This is delicious. Actually there are ice-cream with plate full of chocolate. Simply sweet and yummy.

Our piece of art work, look silly? Love the environment, food and people which is the matter that impress me, they are so friendly. I still remembered the scene that the lady who does not write down anything while we ordered but she can remember what we have ordered and repeats our order without any error. *salute* And we have spent about 2 hours for the lunch, just because everything is huge here, we need time to digest so that we can add in the next dish into our stomach.


Last but not least, thank to my boss, Ben who treat me such a delicious meal. Nah, here is your reward, muacks, you worth it. *giggle evilly*

Sunday, January 18, 2009

pig, the criminal

Non halal

He is such a cute creature. Why people are willing to let this innocent creature to involve into crime?

We want peace.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ma philosophie by Amel Bent

This Tuesday, the whole class went to the computer lab to have our french class there. It's very interesting to learn things through pc with audio and video as well. And my french lecturer has introduced another french song to us, it's called ma philosophie from Amel Bent. Comfy melody with special and nice vocal. Have a play.

There is her mv but without embed code. So i just embed this video here. If you want to watch her mv, you can click here or here. I've typed the lyrics out at below. Enjoy~

Je n'ai qu'une philosophie
Être acceptée comme je suis
Malgré tout ce qu'on me dit
Je reste le poing levé
Pour le meilleur comme le pire
Je suis métisse mais pas martyre
J'avance le coeur léger
Mais toujours le poing levé

Lever la tête, bomber le torse
Sans cesse redoubler d'efforts
La vie ne m'en laisse pas le choix
Je suis l'as qui bas le roi
Malgré nos peines, nos différences
Et toutes ces injures incessantes
Moi je léverai le poing
Encore plus haut, encore plus poin

Viser la Lune
Ça me fait pas peur
Même à l'usure
J'y crois encore et en coeur
Des sacrifices
S'il le faut j'en ferai
J'en ai déjà fait
Mais toujours le poing levé

Je ne suis pas comme toutes ces filles
Qu'on dévisage, qu'on déshabille
Moi j'ai des formes et des rondeurs
Ça sert à réchauffer les coeurs
Fille d'un quartier populaire
J'ai appris à être fière
Bien plus d'amour que de misère
Bien plus de coeur que de pierre

Je n'ai qu'une philosophie
Être acceptée comme je suis
Avec la force et le sourire
Lepoing levé vers l'avenir
Lever la tête, bomber le torse
Sans cesse redoubler d'efforts
La vie ne m'en laisse pas le choix
Je suis l'as qui bas le roi

Sunday, January 11, 2009

random update~

I wish to update my post and photos as well, but photoshop is now not in my laptop as i've formatted it. Sad..

Well, this is a random post. Once again, regarding my life recently. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, last Thursday night went Mid Valley to shop as i was so bored at home. My roomate had hers while i was back with empty hand.

Then Friday down to the city center with Ben for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Launch at Pavilion. Had seen quite a number of bloggers were here too. Well, since i don't have photoshop, so i can't upload the photos i had taken there. There were performances like hip hop dance, some knock on music with sink, kettle, gas tank, frying pan and so on by strikeforce from Singapore, song performances by Malaysian singers. Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is a touch screen phone, equip with 3.2 megapixel camera, WiFi connectivity. So cool, right? That means we can online anytime, anywhere as long as there is WiFi available. And this phone is RM1499 only. Make me feel like want to own it too.

Saturday, again went shopping with my dear roomate, See Leng. We went to 1U and this time both of us had shopped till' drop. Finally get some new clothes and a pair of heels which i had found for so long. Had prosperity burger as our dinner. And our legs were going to patah as we shopped for 6 hours++. Gengnya!

I know it's boring. All words to read. Hope i can get my photoshop back. *pray hard*

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Milk is a guy or girl?

Well, just one response for the guess guess guess...

It's time to review the answer: milk in French is called le lait, so it's masculine. Don't ask me why? Ask those French language creator.

Standing a whole night in front of Pavilion for the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Launch. Feel so tired now, bonne nuit.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A brand new sem

New semester of my hope-to-be final year. In the beginning, everything goes not really good, Prof. suddenly said cannot change time, thesis analysing short of time, poor laptop has to format, get sick and blah blah blah... but hopefully things start getting better now. At least, Prof. helps us to solve the time table and he decide to sacrifice his lunch time to give lecture. So touched. *bak sai lau* If not, for sure i've to extend one more semester, and i will cry out loudly that time.

This semester, i continue my french study to level II. And Shee Ying wants me to ask this question here, what is the gender of milk? Guess guess guess....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

love M'sia!

Nowadays, my house's streamyx run slow like tortoise. I'm not sure is it caused by the undersea cable that they are repairing or what else. But they have promised to finish it before the 1st of Jan, but then why the line is still so slow?

Nowadays, making a police report has become troublesome, like what have faced by Adi and Jenna's BF. Our country is safe?! Shit you. Go to survey and see, is it safe or not?

That's Malaysia. I'm very disappointed with my country, even those politicians are making our country more corrupted. As a citizen, we never think of grabbing anything from anyone else, what we want is a peace country. That's all we need.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


This year, no countdown. Just staying by his side until the clock strike 12 and wish each others. But i can see firework just behind my house which is exploded by the resident here.

The first of a new year, wake up in the morning and have biscuits + milo as my breakfast. Then have a late lunch of Ruski's tomyam maggi mee. It's a bored day until i can't stand anymore and ask shuang go jogging. Then have dinner with her at 3rd college and i order a maggi goreng. My brand new day start with biscuits and maggi mee, not bad huh?

The saddest thing is i can't play Playfish games at facebook. Miss my pet society and geo challenge so much. And it's time to format my laptop, cos' lots of problems occur.

One word to describe, BORED.