Saturday, January 7, 2012

goodbye 2011, welcome 2012~

Again, last post of mine was back on Sept, and it's now 2012, an 'end-of-the-world?' year ahead.

Flashing back my 2011, it seems like nothing big happened but it did have changes and achievement to conclude about. Had gone for 2 so-called big trips, Bali on Jan & Cambodia on July which coloured up my life. I love travel, especially to experience different culture of the people. Had changed my job on July. Had plenty of wedding invitations to attend (do this means that i'm getting older?). What else? Think, think, think... oh ya, mum had admitted to hospital and i rushed back home in that night, driving alone, 1st time drove in late night via North South Highway, route was dark when there was no vehicle passing along, a little freaky; besides that, mum scared me as this was not the 1st time she admitted. However god blessed that she is well now and i wish healthy is always with her. Other than that, few small local trips with friends. Less OT with good quality of life, but a little poor due to no extra income(OTs). Oops~

Overall, am quite glad and blessed with my 2011. Hopefully the 2012 will be a good 1. What is my 2012 resolution?? No idea yet. There is a big 1 which i wish to achieve, but it needs time. Ok, got it, my resolution is to save money. Save Save Save, this is a hard job for me. But need to make a move.

Happy 2012, a wonderful year ahead. Cheers~