Sunday, August 31, 2008

Khun Tai thai's restaurant

Still about things that happened during my mid-sem break. So that Sunday night, my family went to a Thai restaurant near B'worth to have dinner. Actually they already went there a week before i back from KL cos' my Granny had won the 4D of my dad's new car number, so my granny treat them a meal at this particular restaurant. My parent brought me there because they said it was delicious. They wanted me to taste it too, my parent really love me much.

The environment seems like a bit nostalgic, their tables, chairs and the tray used to put those drinks were made of bamboo. I didn't realise that my friend, Wei Quan(with pink t-shirt) was there having his dinner with his family. I just knew it when i viewed my photo. I started thinking that the food in this restaurant is good until Wei Quan came from BM (quite far away) to have dinner.

We ordered a big jug of ambla serm boi in hokkien and this big jug was not enough to heal our spiciness. Ambla juice is quite common and found at anywhere in Penang. I thought this kind of fruit juice can be found elsewhere until i came to KL, i just knew that i was wrong; my friends told me that one should try it just considered he/she has come to Penang. But now, i start to see the juice sold at night market in KL and PJ area. By the way, it's very refreshing. I like it so much. *grinning*

They used this silverware to fill rice. Do you notice there was a bottle of water besides the silverware? That bottle of water was belonged to my brother, cos' he had tasted those spiciness which took his breath away last weekend. Now he became more smart to bring his own water to dispel the spiciness. -.-\\\

My favourite tomyam soup with seafood. I've tried so many tomyam and i think it was the most delicious so far. It was hot and yet i can't stop scooping it to my mouth. Don't afraid of it would get cool, cos' the "pot" was kept boiling.

Tomyam must be eaten with mihun rather than rice (in my theory), it was nicer cos' mihun had absorbed the essential of the soup and it made up the taste. On top of rice, we ordered mihun and it came together with bean sprout. The bean sprout made the combination more better. They are the perfect match. *yum yum*

This lala dish with the special hot and sour taste made me ignored about my favourite Tomyam. This is the must-order dish if you come to the restaurant. The other combination is lala, sotong and prawn, which my family had tried it last week. Because it was so delicious, so they proudly recommended it to me, and they were right.

This is the restaurant, Khun Tai. The dishes were so hot and spicy until my stomach had a chemical reaction with them the next morning. Guess what i mean? :p

Main entrance of what you think?

Guess what is this?
Is it look like a company's main entrance? Or a hair saloon? Or a boutique? It looks fashionable, nice-designed, and attractive which you would like to push the door in to have a look. Actually it's a toilet in Queensbay Mall at Penang. On the left is ladies and on the right is gents. They are connected with that only way, so please be confirmed that you are in the correct entrance, either left or right.

Tadaa~ toilet

This is the sink with a simple but nice match of the colour of the tiles. Have a look carefully to the over-exposure of view there.
Actually it's see-through, you can feel the wind blowing in, feel the heat out there if it's a sunny day, hear the noise made by those cars and so on. If you have height phobia, please don't look down, k? It's quite high.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Convocation at USM

It was so coincident that my mid-sem break fell into the same week of the USM convocation , so i had a chance to attend my sampat friend, keat hui's convo. Her convo is the last day of the convocation week, which fell on Sunday morning session. That morning, it was so hazy until the whole Penang island was disappeared.
The island is disappearing That is not Penang island, it is the Pulau Jelejak .... it's so blurring~

The convocation week was just as same as UM convo, there were lots of stalls which selling food, bears, flowers, some other convo present, tudung and so forth. Maybe due to Penang is the heaven of food, so their food stalls were much more compared to UM. And it was more shady cos' there were trees above the roof of the stalls.

Is he looks like a father who is carrying a child(bear) on his hand?

cute boy

The bear is mine!

This card was made by Lye Hoong, with all of our wishes and words in it. We were taking the card so obviously searching for Keat Hui. The cellphone network there was restricted cos' too many people were using it to contact others. We were hardly finding for her until we called all her family members to ask where was she. Finally we had caught her too. She told us that her friends had told her someone was looking for her by seeing our card which had written her name. This card really helped!

Keat Hui's favourite flower, lily.

This is sampat Keat Hui with a big smile when meeting us with lots of presents on our hand. *smile with motive*

It's so hard to gather all of us, we are busy with study and work, in different places. It was a precious moment to get together like this. Since we had left from our school, this is the 1st photo of our group of choir family (still left out Victoria). It had been a long time ago which we usually sing, have fun, go crazy and work together in the club. I missed the moment so much. I started to envy Keat Hui cos' she got so many convo presents, three bouquets of flowers, three bears, a bottle of stars, pen so on and so forth.

I like this picture so much, everyone in it acted naturally. Keat Hui was so fazed that day, but she still looked great, maybe it was her big day. Everyone of us was coming back to attend her convo from B'worth, Kedah and KL too. How important was she, right? And i tanned just because of her. I want my fair skin back. *sob sob*

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My toy collection

Last week was my mid-sem break, there was a week long holiday, which letting me a chance to back to my home sweet home. *blissful* Since i have bought my new digital camera, when i stepped in my home, for sure i took out my canon to shoot things around my home. Not to forget about my collection which keep in a box and hide under my bed...


Just a few here. My mom had thrown a lot more cos' she think we don't play with it. "But actually we did, sometimes," whispering. There are included free gift of Mc D. happy meal(mostly), free gift of ???, chess, on and so forth.

Mulan and the characters in the movie and winnie the pooh & friends...there are tigger and the tree too, but my brother had given to my nephew since we are old enough to play these toys.

Those snoopy are wearing the costume which represent a country. If not mistaken, hopefully i get those countries correctly. I just collected a few only, there were quite a number for the snoopy series. Collection needs $$. *sigh*

This Digimon series was a free gift of an ice-cream, but i forgot what was the brand of the ice-cream. These Digimon are the juvenile stage, they will evolve to adult stage which have the power to kill those bad creatures. That time, my brother liked Digimon so much. There are some others which not in the photo. That whitish little creature is my favourite digimon, which is the juvenile stage of Angelmon, cos' she has the same name as mine. :p

My brother had told me the name of that i called her Ronald's friend, however i forgot already. *pai seh* This is the representative of Mc D. From those collection, i'm so proud to call myself as the Mc D supporter since i was a kid. *v*

Parts of my car collection, there are garbage truck, dredger, vehicle which i don't know call what...

This is my favourite collection, Hotwheel from Martell. I love them so much. See, the paint colour on the car that fell off, it's the timeworn mark showing that i usually played with them. I've named them from the left: Ferrari(red), Lotus(yellow), Mc Laren(black), Ford(white) and Jaguar(purple). But the naming might not true cos' it's according to me.

This scorpion-like F1 is a gift of my mom's boss. Also form Martell.

Last but at least, my latest collection from Mc D. Happy meal, Blossom from Powerpuff Girls. I bought it recently.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oil's birthday

Last last thursday night, we went to Jaya One to celebrate Oil oil's birthday. Mana tahu, the Kluang Station was closed. Before we get to another cafe, we start ss-ing. Tadaa~

Our class photo

Finally, we came to the main door of the Old Town and we chose it as our replacement. We had about 10 persons so we chose to sit at outdoor, because we knew that we would be very noisy if it was indoor. See, we were so considerate to others. *evil grin*

Kivi is so sensitive to every camera...ei, Oil oil too.

Never thought that guo en also that ss, self-capturing non-stoply while waiting the food. Haha, i had captured his act lo. -.-\\\

Everyone was so hungry, when the food came, they ate like so called "狼吞虎咽" (devour ravenously or translate straightly is swallowing like the wolf and tiger)

Our birthday girl, Oil Woon...Tadaa~

Make a wish

Oil oil was forcefeeding kivi with the cake... Actually she was feeding everyone too.

How sweet was guo en being fed....but wait a minute, his so called gf was behind him too...oh la la...

They squeezed me just wanted to be captured in the photo...( Actually they all were sitting on the chair which i was sitting, pity me for being squeezed like a sardin) :p

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympics Beijing

Finally the Olympics in Beijing ends....
Luckily there is a week holiday, which letting me the chance to watch those games on the TV. (Best to be home)
Well, i dislike those who don't know, don't like, not interested in watching sports but talk lots of nonsense beside me just because it is the hot topics and everyone is watching it, and they also join in to watch together. Those athletes trained so hard, even though they don't get good result in it, we should respect their spirit which "mengorbankan diri" for sport. Sport is their life.

I like sports, i play sports (history--->now everything is rusted d), i watch sports...most of the sports, just because of my papa like to watch sports. Still remember last time, i was the one who accompanied him to watch football at the midnight. He likes sports, he watch sports, he played sports( i think so, but also a history for him). Whenever there are sports on the TV, he watch it, football, basketball, badminton, swimming, gymnastic, sport games, even those "car" racing competition like F1, Moto GP and so on. I think i've inherited the gene and influenced by him too.

Back to Olympics, i usually will choose those sports like gymnastic, swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, and something which caught my eyes on it. But i have missed quite many of the others too. And i have missed the most remarkable opening ceremony of the Olympics Beijing. *sigh*

Russian, Evgeniya Kanaeva in the gymnastic rhythmic individual

Paola Espinosa of Mexico in 10m platform diving

Goodbye, Beijing. See ya at London.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Getting cold~
Where to get warm?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

home sweet home

Back to my home sweet home *happy happy*

Friday, August 15, 2008

Kafe treats

Food food food....
food again....cos' they are love of my life...*wink*
I have my dinner at Kafe Treats, located at Shah Alam. You will think i'm going crazy, take a long way from PJ to Shah Alam just to have a dinner, but actually i'm meeting my friend..... :p It is a simple and yet a well-designed cafe. But i'm wondering why the word "Kafe" is in malay while it is named treats? whatever la, as long as it filled my empty and drumming stomach.

The kid knows that i want to snap photo and he is posing there for me....:)

My friend have ordered an iced coffee and a curry laksa while i order an iced latte and a spaghetti. The food is still ok, the herbs in the spaghetti makes up the taste but i like the spice taste of the curry laksa soup and i think it is better than the curry mee in old town. ( i'm equalized curry laksa as curry mee. If i'm wrong, please correct me)

iced coffee
ice latte
curry laksamy just-mushroom you see
now you don't

coiled-wire light in front of the cafe...when the light is up, it looks romantic....
Do you notice that the shade is supported by a pillar only...*geng*