Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hate crime

Nowadays, lots of crime happened at section 17, PJ. And those criminal with parang on their hand to rob. It's frightening. And they always aim students as target, cos' lots of students are staying here. And they like to aim girls as their easy target. When you walked along the road after coming back from school, they snatched your bag. When you reached home while unlocking the door, they followed you in to your house and grabbed everything valuable from your house. When you were not around, they broke into your house too. I'm so worried and afraid. I just can't think if the parang is coming down to our hand or whatsoever. When i get out of my car and walk back home, i look here and there. When there is motorcycle passes by, i will gaze at the motorcyclist. Sometimes, the motocyclists are uncles or aunties. Uncles and aunties, paiseh la, not wanting to suspect you, just to be alert only.

Everywhere is so dangerous besides PJ, who can protect us from those crime? Can we rely on our policemen? I wonder. Anyway, to policemen in my beloved country, hope that you all will take action, to protect the citizen. Don't tell me that you are afraid of those criminal. If not you, then who will protect the citizen? *crying without tears*

To criminal, i wonder why you all like to take student as target, you thought students are very rich? You thought the PTPTN is a large amount for us? Actually it is just tiny little shit. We save every single cost just to survive. Everything is increasing here, how are students going to survive with it? We, students have to pay back PTPTN with interest. And please, criminal, you have hands and legs, why don't you get a job? Don't tell me that economy is bad, no job at all. I still can see companies offer jobs through jobstreet, jobdb and so forth. Money is ain't easy to earn without effort. Don't go and steal/rob/snatch to get easy money, that's our(everyone who works/studies) money with sweat and toil.

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