Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Je fais les courses au Jusco supermarché

So, today our plan changed.

I didn't go to shop in the morning yet putput did, alone.
Despite, i went right after my test, alone.

And never ever take any extra money just in case you afraid not of enough. That so called extra money has turned into extra spending. *cry without tears* Now, i'm categorized as big spender.

My glory: a swimsuit, a pair of beach pant, a pair of shoes, a sling bag, three packet of baby milk bath, a bottle of hair shampoo, and my favourite---> nescafe, it's all. These costs me ....... *bleeding*

Girls like me just know to shop, sound so useless. That is our favourite hobby. *bo huat* I start to pity my future hubby. Hope haven't frighten guys out there. (I know i had already. *sigh* Cos' i don't see a sign also. Maybe sudah cabut.)


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