Sunday, February 8, 2009

belated post for my b'day

First of all, i wish to thank everyone who wished me and who celebrated for me. Thank you very much. Terima kasih. Danke. Merci beaucoup. Arigato. 至万二分谢意. Kam sia.

Thank my family too, who wished me and celebrated with me, although the cake was small, but i felt blessed.

Thank mum and auntie who gave me angpow.

Thank my dear who accompanied me the whole night and treated me such a delicious meal and the most earliest present too. Love that tiramisu. That was a special night, smile and tears crossing in between. *wink* And that beautiful roses too, this is the first roses i have from you. *blush*

Thank felix who be the first one which dated me one month earlier from my big b'day. yet i didn't make it, i'm sorry.

Thank 677 gang who gave me such suprise b'day celebration. I really thought it was the celebration for reese when the cake was carried out. Thank shee ying, pei li, oil oil, jenna, , kivi, ah lin, xiao yu, adi, ah than, guo en and 677 new member reese.

Thank my Uni buddies, shuang, xiao beh, waimei and see leng who celebrated for me. Thank for the hearty celebration.

Thank see leng who bought me secret recipe classic cheese and tiramisu. I love them so much. But feel sorry that i didn't finish all of them.

Thank coursemates who sang b'day song loudly for me at the cafe. Thank wei mee who brought the sponge cake, although it was imitation and not for this actual purpose, but i felt so happy too, just because of having you all as my coursemates, sue ping, hui xuan, hui chee, suk yun, david, angie, shee ying and wei mee.

Thank Tyan who gave me my ever first perfume as b'day present. That must be very expensive, somemore limited edition tim. I've owned you a big one. And that sms was so touched, don't worry, i'm always your supportive friend, forever. *grin*

Thank my friends who greeted me through sms, msn, phone call, facebook, friendster and what else, can't remember already. *screwing my head* Feel so glad that you all still remembered my b'day and i've felt the blessing. This would be a wonderful birthday for me with all of your wishes. Thankssssssss.....

They were stopping the candles from blowing off by the air-con

Creamy angel

Smile with cream

677 family's portrait

After the celebration, lou sang at 677. We put those materials at pot's cover, cos' that was the only biggest 'plate' we could find.

My second cake from wai mei, xiao beh and shuang. Very cute huh?

Shuang, xiao beh, me and see leng

Hardly get wai mei into, you look nice ma.

My beloved classic cheese and tiramisu

Have dinner at Michelangelo's, Soho KL

My b'day meal, quite big portion, but the chicken thigh is just ok. The spaghetti is nice. Well, i forgot to take my tiramisu, if you have walked in to Michelangelo's, must try that dessert, it's marvellous.

My ever first roses from him

Well, must have taken some photos with the flower before they dry up. They look abit dry here b'cos i've enclosed them in the car for the whole day. Sorry, my roses.

My lovely coursemates

My b'day present

This is from felix ah gong, cute right? This cow cow is from shanghai.

My ever first perfume from tyan, Envy 2 me limited edition

PS: If i've left out anyone of you, i apologize, sorry for my forgettery.

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