Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bride Wars

Today have watched Bride Wars at Mid Valley, i love the story, although it's simple, but it's meaningful. Actually it's about how the two girls battle for the location of wedding, yet the movie brought out the consequences of friendship, relationship and self esteem. Lots of laughter too. The story somehow has touched me especially the last scene until i tear.

The world is not perfect,
and human as well,
don't force yourself to the edge,
it will only suffered your own in the end,
sometimes we must learn how to let it be,
appreciate what you have now.

Over tan Emma and blue hair Liv

I like Anne Hathaway, just because of Princess Diary, she is so so beautiful and lovely. If you haven't watch yet, try this, not a bad one. Enjoy~


oil said...

I watched the movie so funny...and the end i drop my tears too(shy shy...)

angeline said... also drop my tears le...luckily the environment is dark nia...*phew*