Monday, February 9, 2009


This was my x'mas present from him. It is a planner from Starbuck. The cover is made of leather, but i think it's an artificial leather, cos' ......*bulb lighted* it does not smell. I love the cover, do you spot that there are leaves printing under lining? The theme of this planner is begin.grow.flow.


When you open it, the first page is portrayed by the coffee beans' sofa. Just relax, have a coffee and start planning for the year.

In between every month, there are some painting and photos too. Some of these are the description of the making of Starbuck's coffee.

For every planner that you have purchased, RM1 is contributed to charity. Such a good idea to help the needy. You can change the planner every year too.

Begin with the journey of 2009
Grow with every path that i have been through which i'll never deny
Flow with content yet regretless throughout my life
-angel's path-

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