Sunday, July 27, 2008

the making of the b'day video~

677 planned to give a suprise for our b'day girls, Pei Li & Shee Ying, so we decided to make a video especially for them....
The video was filmed on Tuesday night, 22nd of July at the playground which near my house....
This video was recorded by using Kivi's handphone as we wanted to take a one shot video

Let me introduce our production team:
The ideas were given by Kivi, Oil oil & Adi....
The director was everyone..(fair and square, right?)
It was starring by Adi Lee, Kivi Kong, Oil Oil, Jenna Ong, Small Rain, Guo En, Jiang Lin, Ah Than, and last but not least Angeline
Our cameraman was Mr. Adi Lee (although he is not pro enough, but we have no choice, cos' he is free.....*evil grin*)

Before our recording, we started ss-ing.....

our top model was presenting the latest bag
Guo en is so pro in modeling (he is so man, right?)
Pity adi had to carry the bag while recording (so girlish isn't he?)
Kivi started self capturing (Jenna was so sensitive to camera)
ham zui sao take I
ham zui sao take II (pity our small rain, everyone is aiming on her....)
I've been kissed by small rain & kivi with full of jealousy behind me (so xing fu look)
It was not easy to make a video, although it was just an 8-minutes video.
How the story goes? How are we going to record? Where should the shot being taken? Where should we get into the correct position? And so on.....all of these stuffs really get us out of head....
After finish the video recording, maybe because of too excited during the making of video which used up lots of our energy, we started yelling hungry. Seven of us squeezed into ah lin's wira to cimb bank for supper.
The next thing i wanted to specially mention here, just to let Pei Li and Shee Ying know, Kivi & i straight away went to the shotting scene just after she finished work & i finished my ko-k. So u two pandai pandai la.....*grin*

Saturday, July 26, 2008

fully packed week 3~

25 of July is really a big day
Guess what? B'cos 4 of my friends were borned on this day.
Happy 22nd birthday to huey wen and pei li
Haha, finally u two are as old as me......*evil grin*

Happy 21st birthday to shee ying and david
Finally become an adult, so do whatever u want to, but safety 1st....*more evil grin*

677s have a celebration for the two b'day girls at piccadilly on thursday night....
I'm damn tired, b'cos of not enough sleep....
There it goes.......
24th of July, wake up early in the morning at 6.30 for the purpose of shopping
I have a long time didn't wake up that early....
The most worst thing was i can't sleep well the night before....
Really want to call put put that i don't want to go when my alarm rang
At last, i still get up to wash up...
Waited for put put to come, but she is late....b'cos our small rain woke up late...
Reach Mid Valley at 7 something...
Walk in to Jusco.....shocked!
As i never been for J-card member day before that and the scene shocked me...
Lots of people were there in that early morning just to shop
Everyone grabs things like there are free...
Long queue for fitting and billing...
I have grabbed my things and paid...
Have to leave b'cos we have lab at 10...
The parking lots were even a sign of empty lots... *sigh*Satisfied with my rewards, guess what i get, three pairs of branded long pants which cost me less than RM100... so happy~hehe~
Late to lab as our security guards were making the traffic jams at KL gate's entrance
Thinking of skipping the class of endocrinology but in the end we attend all our class...

Back home after class, thinking of taking a nap but i still have to go to buy cake and fetch my roomate to LRT station and filled petrol..
Everything is settled, filling my stomach with breads as my dinner...
Didn't realise that i had three cups of coffee...
Thinking of being pig but ends up with none of the signs of sleepiness..but one thing, tired~
And my spine starts to pain when i have not enough sleep...

Straight away went for the b'day celebration with those crazy folks b'cos it's time...
(more info for the coming blog)

Back to 677, i'm dying....
It's almost 3 sth morning, it's time to bed...
I'm like a zombie which not urge for biting people but urge for sleepness....

"Men are from mars, women are from venus"

I’m reading a book called "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" recently. It is about the differences between opposite sex, something about relationship between men and women. It is written by John Gray. So far I have been read through the book, I do agree what he has written. And I start to understand why guys are so different with girls. The case written in the book happened in my life too. We expect the opposite sex to be more like ourselves, we desire them to “want what we want” and “feel the way we feel”. For example, it is so true that sometimes woman talks just want someone to listen but not to ask for any solution. Another quote, men often complain, she is over-reacting and women complain, he doesn’t listen.

Proudly recommend this book. I wish that I can own one copy of it, while now the book I’m reading belongs to my roommate. Hope that I can learn something from it, and I start understand all the reason that confused me before.


Bonjour, je m'apelle angel.
This sem, i'm taking french class.
As a beginner who learn a little bit of the basic french and now try to show off here.
Oh mon dieu...
Every monday and wednesday, i can't wait to attend the class rather than the other boring bio subjects.
Although it is a totally foreign language to me, but i find it is interesting.
There are also difficulties too, especially the pronounciation, lots of french words have to pronounce by using nasal sound.
The words can be either masculine or feminine, which will affect the noun or verb that we used.
But I'm still glad that i can register for the french class which i wish to learn it ever.
Really wish that i can speak it fluently after in the end of this semester.

This is some simple words which may use it in oour daily life:
to greet someone - bonjour (in the morning or evening)
- bonsoir (in the evening(after 6pm))
- bonne nuit (bedtime)
thank you - merci
bye bye - au revoir

Ok, i stop showing off.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

weekend in KL~

The last past weekend, my family came to KL to visit? to accompany me back home?
Whatever.....because of the late booking, most of the hotels were fully booked yet limited choices to choose, neither very expensive nor far from KL town.
They had no choice which had to choose Cititel Hotel which located just beside Mid Valley.
I was a bit disappointed with Cititel.

First of all, limited parking lots which one had to follow the first come first serve criteria.
I had to park my car at Mid Valley's parking lots which i had to pay for it. *what the...*
Although they have lots of rooms but with such less parking lots...speechless....
Next, the room was so tiny, just a bit bit bigger than First World Hotel which cost us RM250++ per night. But luckily it included two free breakfast buffet. Maybe because of it is located at KL, so it is costly.

The breakfast buffet in Cititel was alright, variety of food choice. Even a single egg, there had hard-boiled, half-boiled, fried or omelet for you to choose.
Malay style, japanese style, Indian style, Chinese style, and they were so considered, cause there was a corner for vegetarian too. Fried rice, fried mihun, sotong, ham, sausages, red bean, bread, muffin, various kinds of cornflakes, milk, juices, coffee, tea....... and lots more ordinary food for breakfast lo. But i was satisfied with it. Nice deco too.

The most convenience of staying at Cititel is shopping, because it is just beside Mid Valley. You can just shop and shop, from day to night. If you shop till tired, you can just back to hotel to take a nap and later you can continue to shop again.
I get to grab my jacket which i wish to buy before that in MNG, it just left two pieces for black colours on Saturday night. Luckily i grabbed it, cause the next day i went to see, no more for those black colour jackets. Thanks mum. *happy*

The following of disappointment was the light design in the corridor of the room's doorway, it was too near to the bed, maybe because the room was small, it's hard to sleep with light switched on, it was dazzling. It was too dark without any lights. Okies, i'm afraid of darkness, so no choice but to switch one of it on.

I don't feel secured staying there cause everyone can get to your room easily. Not like Eastin Hotel in PJ, the security is much better, just the room card holder can get to the floor when you enter the card into the slot in the lift.

Proudly recommend Eastin Hotel, cause it is much cheaper, the room much more bigger, more secured, environment is nice but one thing of inconvenience is it is more further away from KL town and it is hidden behind the office tower.

I didn't take any photos for the hotel because of my dislike. Plus it's hard to grab pics from google b'cos of my slow TM Net connection at home. pai seh le~