Sunday, March 29, 2009

Support Earth Hour. Have you?

The earth hour was just over. Have you supported Earth Hour? How was yours? Well, i was just reached home while the hour was ongoing. I walked into my room in the dark, put my things and walked to my housemate's room, sitting in the middle of the room with candles lighted up, camwhoring such a memorable moment with our dolls. Let's the photos do the talking.



This piece of artwork was in half way--->M, i'm loving it.. Advertising for Mc D.

The accomplish piece...
Love the earth we are living

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Switch it off

Today is 28th of March 2009,
it's an important to all the citizen on earth,
let's us switch off the lights for the vote,
the vote for saving the earth from danger,
from 8.30pm to 9.30pm,
your vote is in your hand,
you can make a difference.

Wonderful Friday - random post

Today, i'm very happy. First time wore so formal, like it. Did not that bad in my poster presentation although one of my examiner was that one i had expected. And yeah, finally it's over. Successful persuaded the cool guy, boon tien to join us for lunch. Had late lunch at the apartment, also celebrating xiao yun and wei mee's belated birthday. Food at the apartment was sucks yet thumb up for the service. After that, went to watch confesion of a shopaholic. Well, it's about shopping, love, friendship, touching moment, lots of laughther, yet a happy ending. Then, we went to old town to have late dinner. And some chit-chatting. Back to home, awful pain on my feet due to high heels for 16 hours ++. Now, sitting in front of my laptop, blogging while popping with music. Wish to go clubbing and move it move it. When, my friends? Ok, really can feel the exhaustion, it's time to bed. Bonne nuit.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm in deep shit! Tomorrow i have french test, yet until now still haven't study. My trial presentation is sucks! Need more preparation and practice. I pray for that @#&%$ prof which always asks WTF questions not to turn up on Friday, indeed not as a judge of the poster presentation. Or not, i'll be in very very deep shit!

What should i do now? Study? Prepare? Practice?

WTF..... I'm blogging here.

Help me...i'm so stressed...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Colours of love

When you like someone, things seem like very easy, sweet and nice.
But when you love someone, it's still nice and sweet, however it's not as easy as abc.

When you fall in love, the world seems to be pinkish at first, well some people's will turn to blue-ish then on. Some even worst, straight away to blackish. Yet, it does not mean one and all, there are still people who keep pinkish, or even a better one.

I'm not here to talk about colour, it's the stages/levels. Or maybe the colour that i have chosen to represent the stage/level is not as yours. Just want to pinpoint that, although the colour that presented now is the worst or the best, it does not mean the same will happen in the future.

Last night, chating about this thing with my best buddy. I was not deemed that this will be the satisfactory one. And i get scolded by her, because of having the idea in my head. Well, although i thought so and i'm not so optimis with it, yet i still hope this will the one and only one now and in the future too.

Love is sweet and sour with ups and downs every now and then. The sweetest you get, the bitterest is yet to come. Hold on if you think it's worth. Let go if you aren't in it. And when everything is over, don't think back and move on.

I should not be sitting here and writing this, i should stop it and move on for my thesis. Cheers~

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My regard to you~

One night, a friend of mine sent me a song through msn. It was a song from Michael Bolton, How am i supposed to live without you. And he asked me to listen it cos' it was the situation he was facing now. Well, i just found out what it is meant in the lyrics. Anyway, i hope you will be fine. Never knew that you listen to this kind of song, nice one.

Thesis oh thesis

No post updates recently, cos' busy with my thesis. Am going to have my thesis poster presentation on this coming Friday. Wish me lucks. Will be updated after that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Earth hour is an event which started from Sydney, Australia, the ever first city that held it on 31st of March, 2007. This is done to raise awareness of the public to save the earth from climate change. Disasters will occur due to climate change/global warming, ice berg starts melted, the sea level raises, flood everywhere, weather changes like even the weather of Bangkok was too cold and human could not deal with it and died (i read it from newspaper, correct me if i'm wrong).

Although we are just an ordinary citizen on the Earth, but we still can do something to help and save the planet we are living now. Sometimes, tiny little things will do the saving, like whenever you are not using the light or fan or air-con, just switch it off. Don't think that it's just a small amount of energy that has used up, if everyone of us let's say Malaysian has made it, that's about 25 millions, it's a huge figure. Well, there are still lots more ways to mention which i'll skip it.

Now, Malaysia is participating in the event this year. So let's do it together on 28th March 2009, 8.30pm, switch it off for an hour, we can make a different. You can log on to the official website, here for further info.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ma9li卡 马jocar~

I clicked into David's blog, and i watch this so called ma9li卡 马jocar... It is funny... David, you are so creative, and i can't stop laughing at the scene.. wahahahaha~

And i keep thinking what is the word, it sounds familiar... i try to type into english and I guess you get it from Majolica Majorca, the name of cosmetic product. Click here for the official website, it is so beautiful, with stories go around.

P.S: Anyone knows what is the french song for the chapter 21? If ya, please tell me, je vous remercie.




我好希望我可以拥有一部grand piano


Saturday, March 7, 2009

something is killing me softly~

I feel lonely...
The older i grow, the more i feel so...
Loneliness really freaks me out...
Can someone rescue me please?
I'm home sick...
But now my family is at Genting..
It's so near to KL..
Somehow i wish i can go up now..
Ya, i mean now...
I miss my family and you too...

P-p-p-poker face

This is the acoustic version of Poker Face by Lady Gaga. This version reveals her non-technologized vocal, i was just WOW. Her vocal is great. And she is a song-writer and musician as well. Ain't she talented? Never thought such techno-song can be sung like this. Cool man.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thinking of you

I guess when the time you are not around, i'll keep listening to it, and start singing along with the rhythm, "i am thinking of you, thinking of you, what you would do if...."

Like the MV so much. Nowadays, it was so coincident that i've read the book with the storyline about war and soldier, watched Valkyrie, also about war and soldier. And this MV too.War, had taken lots of lifes, had broken lots of happy family, had horrified the youngs and elders especially those bang-bom sound, had brought lots of diseases like Typhus, Plague and so forth.... What else? War had made life miserable. When i heard the word 'war', it will be equal to blood, death, disease.

I want world peace, forever.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Christmas is the day for youngster to hang out, although the actual day was not meant so, yet the trend is, nowadays. Being at home as usual sounds pity to youngster. Parties everywhere, for you to choose, either clubbing or home-partying.

When i was in secondary, me too, like those youngster, thinking of hanging out on that day. But my parent won't allow me to go out late at night. They would say, "It's dangerous to go out late at night, especially for girls." Yup, i agree with them, it's true. But when it was christmas, how could i stay at home just like that?! Well, that time i was in the period of 'rebellion'. I was wishing to go out like the others. And my mum told me, "Do you know when two people met under the mistletoe, they may kiss?"

"If the guy wants to kiss the girl, just go under the mistletoe, he can kiss her 'legally'. Not only guy and girl, even two girls or two guys meet under the mistletoe, they may kiss each others."

I was whispering, "how cool is it? If i want to kiss the guy i like, what i need to do is to find the mistletoe above our head, then...." I know it sounds silly la. I was just dreaming during that age.

That's the story of mistletoe my mum told me. So in my mind, the purpose of mistletoe is to let two persons kiss and greet each others during the season. That's why i like mistletoe. (cos' i can kiss whoever i wish to kiss under the mistletoe. *giggling*)