Thursday, February 12, 2009

During Chinese New Year

Last year, didn't have any celebration cos' my grandpa passed away. This year, as usual visited to relatives' house. It was tiring cos' i had headache whenever i stepped out the house. Maybe due to the damn hot weather during CNY. And this year, i'd met up with my secondary schoolmates while visited to si han's house.

The girls

What to do when visiting? Ahha, gambling la. Poker or Mahjong or both? Well, i was there just watched them mahjong-ing. Stole some gang hu(skills).

We were chit-chatting and playing with Candace, si han's niece. She is cute, active and smart girl.

Group photo before end of the day

With Mahjong as well, we're the 雀神 (god of sparrow). Looked at Cancade's expression, comelnya!

Met up my best buddies during my secondary, lye hoong, keat hui and yan chien and her bf too at Queensbay. Huhu~

3 kakis

Not to forget, my cute niece, Alicia. She smiled at me when i wanted to take photo although she was eating. And she is only 3 years++, but she likes to eat by herself(she doesn't like the elder feed her). Smart girl.

And her brother, Isaac. Aiyo, he was so happy when we visited to aunt's house. Walk here and there, and speaking the baby's language which we did not understand. But we knew he was very excited.

Back to KL, visited to wei mee's house with coursemates, and had steamboat at her house too. We played killer, chit-chat and making horror video as well. *sweat* And we wore the socks that wei mee bought for us and took lots of photos lo.

Rocks! Pretended only la~

Met up with chia and wen at Midvalley. Had lunch, chit-chat and went to watch Bride Wars. And shopping lo, i'd overspent by adding 2 dresses and a skirt into my closet. Now, i've to save cost by forcing myself to use RM7 per day. *sigh*


Life is full of happiness,
when having you around,
cheers, my friends.

PS: Happy birthday, chia. May the best come to you.

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