Tuesday, June 30, 2009

life ar~

My industrial training is going to end so so so soon... 3 days to go.... passed up my report where this report is even thicker than my thesis... cool right?!

Just wanna crap here again... What is life actually? Can anyone tell me? To me, life is short. Do you feel that the time is striking fast? At least i feel so. When we were borned on the earth. When we learned to walk, we learned from the start... then came into school life for about 20 years, playing around, fooling around. After these years, then we came out for work. Work days and nights. Then owned car, house and belongings. Then get marry with someone else, made a small family. Earned for our children, their living, their education. Then when they finished their study, it was time to retire. Well, when we retired, i think we were be having lots of sickness, just cos' of tiredness of work, polluted environment, unhealthy lifestyle, stress and so forth. Is that what we get in the end? Suffer for the rest of our soon to be ending life, and waiting for death?

Can we really change it? Cos' i don't want a life like this. I want to enjoy life. But can we really enjoy it? How are we going to enjoy it without money? To me, money is still the matter, that's why we work so hard to get it. But when we really own them, are them yours? They might be contribute to your health in the end.

Love life. Life is precious. Here, end my crap~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Save life in the planet

DiGi is doing For Those who Love to Save campaign. It's a charity campaign. DiGi will donate RM5 of one click of us to the charity that we support. Their target is to raise RM150,000 in 30 days. So what are you waiting for? Just visit here, click on to the charity you want to support, write down your email, and verify it. Isn't it easy? Save our planet, save human's life, and so do animal's life.

Besides that, there is another one which is a go green campaign. This is to raise concern about the climate change. Do visit here as well. Go green with DiGi. I've my leaf on the park. Beside recreation park, you can place your leaves at the wild mountain, city centre, beach, forest and so forth.

My leafy


Recently i was doing my industrial training at a hospital, FOC. Working is tiring. I become tiresome, online become purposeless. Even writing for my blog i felt lazy for it. Unlike previously, i was deemed to write it, even though during exam and busiest time. However the training is finally going to end soon. Yet the end of it meant that i have to get a job and start my new adventure. Yeah, i need job, urge for job. Just because i'm dying soon. I'm still spending my parents' money; it makes me feel disgusting and ashamed to myself. That's why i urge for job too. Now i've changed from shopaholic to jobaholic mode. Job hunting is making me frustrated, seeking every opportunity one by one, page by page, A to Z; in the end i'm blanked. Wish me lucks...

To those who are still studying, do appreciate your study life. Do enjoy your life to the maximum. I miss my Uni life so muc. Miss my friends, coursemates and buddies. I want sing K, movies, yam char, camwhore, crapping, do crazy stuffs....

appetite enhancer or inhibitor?

When your favourite dish is placed in front of you,
although it is so delicious,
yet you don't feel the appetite.

Girl, who always depends on her mood,
who will be happy on this moment,
yet get upset on that moment.

Sometimes she likes this,
sometimes she likes that,
just because she sways easily.

Who makes that sway?

picture from google image

Monday, June 15, 2009


when a girl miss a guy,
she meant it.
when there is no network out of nowhere,
she is afraid of losing contact with him.
when she can do nothing,
she just wish everything will be fine.
when she shed her tears,
she don't wanna lose him, ever...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i'll be

Finally i get the song... it's from my housemate...on the way taking my clothes to wash, i heard the familiar rhythm and voice... yes, it's the song i'm finding for so long... I know the name of the song, it was not enough info for me to search as there are a lot of song named as so like i'll be, i'll be there and so on... Last sunday when i was waiting for my friend in the car, i heard the song again and that time i was typing the lyrics that i could get down in my cellphone... Whatsoever... as long as i get it now... I'm just loving it!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

this is a crapping post..ignore pls







心情指数:很好 (假的)