Sunday, August 31, 2008

Khun Tai thai's restaurant

Still about things that happened during my mid-sem break. So that Sunday night, my family went to a Thai restaurant near B'worth to have dinner. Actually they already went there a week before i back from KL cos' my Granny had won the 4D of my dad's new car number, so my granny treat them a meal at this particular restaurant. My parent brought me there because they said it was delicious. They wanted me to taste it too, my parent really love me much.

The environment seems like a bit nostalgic, their tables, chairs and the tray used to put those drinks were made of bamboo. I didn't realise that my friend, Wei Quan(with pink t-shirt) was there having his dinner with his family. I just knew it when i viewed my photo. I started thinking that the food in this restaurant is good until Wei Quan came from BM (quite far away) to have dinner.

We ordered a big jug of ambla serm boi in hokkien and this big jug was not enough to heal our spiciness. Ambla juice is quite common and found at anywhere in Penang. I thought this kind of fruit juice can be found elsewhere until i came to KL, i just knew that i was wrong; my friends told me that one should try it just considered he/she has come to Penang. But now, i start to see the juice sold at night market in KL and PJ area. By the way, it's very refreshing. I like it so much. *grinning*

They used this silverware to fill rice. Do you notice there was a bottle of water besides the silverware? That bottle of water was belonged to my brother, cos' he had tasted those spiciness which took his breath away last weekend. Now he became more smart to bring his own water to dispel the spiciness. -.-\\\

My favourite tomyam soup with seafood. I've tried so many tomyam and i think it was the most delicious so far. It was hot and yet i can't stop scooping it to my mouth. Don't afraid of it would get cool, cos' the "pot" was kept boiling.

Tomyam must be eaten with mihun rather than rice (in my theory), it was nicer cos' mihun had absorbed the essential of the soup and it made up the taste. On top of rice, we ordered mihun and it came together with bean sprout. The bean sprout made the combination more better. They are the perfect match. *yum yum*

This lala dish with the special hot and sour taste made me ignored about my favourite Tomyam. This is the must-order dish if you come to the restaurant. The other combination is lala, sotong and prawn, which my family had tried it last week. Because it was so delicious, so they proudly recommended it to me, and they were right.

This is the restaurant, Khun Tai. The dishes were so hot and spicy until my stomach had a chemical reaction with them the next morning. Guess what i mean? :p

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