Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympics Beijing

Finally the Olympics in Beijing ends....
Luckily there is a week holiday, which letting me the chance to watch those games on the TV. (Best to be home)
Well, i dislike those who don't know, don't like, not interested in watching sports but talk lots of nonsense beside me just because it is the hot topics and everyone is watching it, and they also join in to watch together. Those athletes trained so hard, even though they don't get good result in it, we should respect their spirit which "mengorbankan diri" for sport. Sport is their life.

I like sports, i play sports (history--->now everything is rusted d), i watch sports...most of the sports, just because of my papa like to watch sports. Still remember last time, i was the one who accompanied him to watch football at the midnight. He likes sports, he watch sports, he played sports( i think so, but also a history for him). Whenever there are sports on the TV, he watch it, football, basketball, badminton, swimming, gymnastic, sport games, even those "car" racing competition like F1, Moto GP and so on. I think i've inherited the gene and influenced by him too.

Back to Olympics, i usually will choose those sports like gymnastic, swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, and something which caught my eyes on it. But i have missed quite many of the others too. And i have missed the most remarkable opening ceremony of the Olympics Beijing. *sigh*

Russian, Evgeniya Kanaeva in the gymnastic rhythmic individual

Paola Espinosa of Mexico in 10m platform diving

Goodbye, Beijing. See ya at London.

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