Sunday, August 31, 2008

Main entrance of what you think?

Guess what is this?
Is it look like a company's main entrance? Or a hair saloon? Or a boutique? It looks fashionable, nice-designed, and attractive which you would like to push the door in to have a look. Actually it's a toilet in Queensbay Mall at Penang. On the left is ladies and on the right is gents. They are connected with that only way, so please be confirmed that you are in the correct entrance, either left or right.

Tadaa~ toilet

This is the sink with a simple but nice match of the colour of the tiles. Have a look carefully to the over-exposure of view there.
Actually it's see-through, you can feel the wind blowing in, feel the heat out there if it's a sunny day, hear the noise made by those cars and so on. If you have height phobia, please don't look down, k? It's quite high.


EneGie said...

tats y tat day u so busy la!haha!but this toilet realy special!tat day v all jz like 1st time go there de kids...haha! when u take photo there,others ppl look at u,u noe?mayb they tink v all from foreign country kut?hehe

angeline said...

ya lor...i felt that got ppl looking at me, so i not dare to take so many pics...nvm la, let them think i'm....*grin*