Monday, September 1, 2008


31st of August was our 51st national day. The night before, we suddenly decided to go for countdown at The Curve. About 11 something we just out from our house, thinking it would be traffic jams and we would be late for the firework, mana tahu, the road was smooth from our house to The Curve until the policemen had blocked the road turning in, which making the traffic started to jam along the underground tunnel. So we decided to park our car by the roadside, and walked a long way there.

SS-ing on the way to The Curve, Susie was along with us too, who hiding behind us.

The firework started shooting when we were on the way walking to there. The firework was alright, no excitement, cos' i still think that the Malaysia International Firework Competition at Putrajaya is the best and unique firework i ever seen in my life. A few minutes later, the haze started to flow all over the sky. It really polluted the air. *sigh*

me with the hazy firework

Among those public holidays, National day eve was like set free for Malays, unlike the Christmas eve and new year eve. A lot of people especially malays crowded there, some with family and kids, some were youngsters. I think they really love our country so much, aren't they? You know, i know~

And suddenly there was some pushing, a group of malay guys started to slap and kick another malay guy. That being-hit guy tried to escaped into the crowd, but the group of guys were chasing after him, and the crowd started to keep away from that guy, to avoid any mishit. Luckily the security guards came to stop the fight. If not, tak ada mata tengok lagi. After the scene, we quickly cabut orang.
Susie, me and Pauline....see behind us was crowded with people

Please ignore those rubbish beside us...... This is our Malaysian's culture, simply sampah-ing everywhere....*sigh*

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