Saturday, August 30, 2008

Convocation at USM

It was so coincident that my mid-sem break fell into the same week of the USM convocation , so i had a chance to attend my sampat friend, keat hui's convo. Her convo is the last day of the convocation week, which fell on Sunday morning session. That morning, it was so hazy until the whole Penang island was disappeared.
The island is disappearing That is not Penang island, it is the Pulau Jelejak .... it's so blurring~

The convocation week was just as same as UM convo, there were lots of stalls which selling food, bears, flowers, some other convo present, tudung and so forth. Maybe due to Penang is the heaven of food, so their food stalls were much more compared to UM. And it was more shady cos' there were trees above the roof of the stalls.

Is he looks like a father who is carrying a child(bear) on his hand?

cute boy

The bear is mine!

This card was made by Lye Hoong, with all of our wishes and words in it. We were taking the card so obviously searching for Keat Hui. The cellphone network there was restricted cos' too many people were using it to contact others. We were hardly finding for her until we called all her family members to ask where was she. Finally we had caught her too. She told us that her friends had told her someone was looking for her by seeing our card which had written her name. This card really helped!

Keat Hui's favourite flower, lily.

This is sampat Keat Hui with a big smile when meeting us with lots of presents on our hand. *smile with motive*

It's so hard to gather all of us, we are busy with study and work, in different places. It was a precious moment to get together like this. Since we had left from our school, this is the 1st photo of our group of choir family (still left out Victoria). It had been a long time ago which we usually sing, have fun, go crazy and work together in the club. I missed the moment so much. I started to envy Keat Hui cos' she got so many convo presents, three bouquets of flowers, three bears, a bottle of stars, pen so on and so forth.

I like this picture so much, everyone in it acted naturally. Keat Hui was so fazed that day, but she still looked great, maybe it was her big day. Everyone of us was coming back to attend her convo from B'worth, Kedah and KL too. How important was she, right? And i tanned just because of her. I want my fair skin back. *sob sob*


EneGie said...

tat day she realy happy~~ but v all also,coz v all cant find a suitable time 2 meet 2gether...and this time because of our keat hui, all of us meet 2gether,so nice!haha! but i tink now much easy for us 2 meet 2gether la,wait for holiday,and weekend,then all of us can go out again..promise ya!

angeline said...

ya lor....just b'cos of keat hui le...she so da4 pai2, everyone bk b'cos of her....hehehe~
promise if i have free time to back home 1st la....