Thursday, August 28, 2008

My toy collection

Last week was my mid-sem break, there was a week long holiday, which letting me a chance to back to my home sweet home. *blissful* Since i have bought my new digital camera, when i stepped in my home, for sure i took out my canon to shoot things around my home. Not to forget about my collection which keep in a box and hide under my bed...


Just a few here. My mom had thrown a lot more cos' she think we don't play with it. "But actually we did, sometimes," whispering. There are included free gift of Mc D. happy meal(mostly), free gift of ???, chess, on and so forth.

Mulan and the characters in the movie and winnie the pooh & friends...there are tigger and the tree too, but my brother had given to my nephew since we are old enough to play these toys.

Those snoopy are wearing the costume which represent a country. If not mistaken, hopefully i get those countries correctly. I just collected a few only, there were quite a number for the snoopy series. Collection needs $$. *sigh*

This Digimon series was a free gift of an ice-cream, but i forgot what was the brand of the ice-cream. These Digimon are the juvenile stage, they will evolve to adult stage which have the power to kill those bad creatures. That time, my brother liked Digimon so much. There are some others which not in the photo. That whitish little creature is my favourite digimon, which is the juvenile stage of Angelmon, cos' she has the same name as mine. :p

My brother had told me the name of that i called her Ronald's friend, however i forgot already. *pai seh* This is the representative of Mc D. From those collection, i'm so proud to call myself as the Mc D supporter since i was a kid. *v*

Parts of my car collection, there are garbage truck, dredger, vehicle which i don't know call what...

This is my favourite collection, Hotwheel from Martell. I love them so much. See, the paint colour on the car that fell off, it's the timeworn mark showing that i usually played with them. I've named them from the left: Ferrari(red), Lotus(yellow), Mc Laren(black), Ford(white) and Jaguar(purple). But the naming might not true cos' it's according to me.

This scorpion-like F1 is a gift of my mom's boss. Also form Martell.

Last but at least, my latest collection from Mc D. Happy meal, Blossom from Powerpuff Girls. I bought it recently.

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