Tuesday, August 12, 2008

UM most crowded week~

4th to 10th of august 2008 is UM convocation week. Every year during this week, there would be very crowded with people and vehicles, so called "people mountain people sea" in chinese proverb, making the traffic jams like hell, not only in campus, even outside the campus too. And UM becomes like a pasar pagi + pasar malam, cos' a lot of stalls are opening which to "meria-riakan" the convocation (UM can grab the chance to earn extra money). There are ayamas, A&W, stalls selling convocation gifts, clothing, tudung selling stalls, some food stalls from outside and some are opened by those students from different residential colleges and so on.

Friends, juniors, buddies, family come to celebrate the happiness of the graduates. Societies, college's residents, different course majoring people are gathered there to sub each others too.
The tradition of UM, throwing the graduates until they have plucked the tree branches.

This is the latest style of throwing the graduates facing each others to give high five i ever seen in UM
Thursday evening is the science faculty graduation session but unfortunately it's raining cats and dogs. Everyday along the week is sunny day but just that particular evening which is raining. Really "sui", isn't it? Pity those graduates and their friends and family, including me, wet like a drowned rat.

Umbrella everywhere

So called "people mountain people sea"
twitty is flying freely in the sky, unlike the others have to squeeze here and there

Last but not least, to all my beloved friends, happy convocation and congratulation.

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