Sunday, August 3, 2008

Canon beloved

Finally I get myself a new digital camera, Canon IXUS 80 IS at Sg. Wang Plaza on 1st of August, 2008. I’m unexplainable excited, which I have waited for so long and finally I have owned it, and I can start capturing around; since my poor old Minolta was injured, I was no mood to snap photos with him.

The package was more valuable than before I went for survey. 4G Card, casing, screen protector were included just RM850. Plus, add another 15% of the camera price and I can get extra 2 years warranty and a lens protector due to our national day promotion, and the whole warranty for my new baby is 3 years. Worth it, right? Actually i want to get the pinky one but the shop didn't have that colour, so i took the ordinary silver colour.

Another joyful thing was someone special got his DSLR, Canon EOS 450D which he dreamt. He got his baby and I got mine on the same day, the same place. But my pity Canon was out of battery, or not I can take photo of his new SLR with my baby and he can capture my new digital camera with his baby.

Can’t wait to try it out but I have to charge it for 8 hours long. Below are the pictures i take the next early morning after charging:

cool cool blossom

my laptop

my free mouse from swatch

my almost dying W800i (hopefully, going to change soon)

my everywhere-scar sony bean mp3

my 1st ever digital camera from my dad...miss you ~

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