Sunday, July 27, 2008

the making of the b'day video~

677 planned to give a suprise for our b'day girls, Pei Li & Shee Ying, so we decided to make a video especially for them....
The video was filmed on Tuesday night, 22nd of July at the playground which near my house....
This video was recorded by using Kivi's handphone as we wanted to take a one shot video

Let me introduce our production team:
The ideas were given by Kivi, Oil oil & Adi....
The director was everyone..(fair and square, right?)
It was starring by Adi Lee, Kivi Kong, Oil Oil, Jenna Ong, Small Rain, Guo En, Jiang Lin, Ah Than, and last but not least Angeline
Our cameraman was Mr. Adi Lee (although he is not pro enough, but we have no choice, cos' he is free.....*evil grin*)

Before our recording, we started ss-ing.....

our top model was presenting the latest bag
Guo en is so pro in modeling (he is so man, right?)
Pity adi had to carry the bag while recording (so girlish isn't he?)
Kivi started self capturing (Jenna was so sensitive to camera)
ham zui sao take I
ham zui sao take II (pity our small rain, everyone is aiming on her....)
I've been kissed by small rain & kivi with full of jealousy behind me (so xing fu look)
It was not easy to make a video, although it was just an 8-minutes video.
How the story goes? How are we going to record? Where should the shot being taken? Where should we get into the correct position? And so on.....all of these stuffs really get us out of head....
After finish the video recording, maybe because of too excited during the making of video which used up lots of our energy, we started yelling hungry. Seven of us squeezed into ah lin's wira to cimb bank for supper.
The next thing i wanted to specially mention here, just to let Pei Li and Shee Ying know, Kivi & i straight away went to the shotting scene just after she finished work & i finished my ko-k. So u two pandai pandai la.....*grin*

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