Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my baby dear's birthday

Finally it's free for my blog updating. (Walaoe, using study week to blog rather than study. *sweat*) So, i treat my dear roomate, see leng for a meal to celebrate her birthday. So i brought her to Amuleto at Mid Valley for dinner.

The design, decoration and the lighting are good, seems to be a good environment to dine in. They utilize the mirror effect to let the whole place looks spacious. That is the bar with variety of alcohols.

Rosti with mushroom. Actually it's a onion patty with mushroon topping and it tastes good.

Karen always with her absolute expressional pose in the front of everyone for her food (forgot what is it).
B'day girl with her Amuleto's punch mocktail
Her spaghetti carbonara

dear roomie with her chocolate mint smoothies
and her Antartica salmon spaghetti (again, forgot the correct name of it) . A nice performed art of dish with colours of whatever that edible with a appetizing sauce.
Chix cordon bleu...and i guess this is a french dish because with the word bleu which means blue. Finally my french is usable too. *grin* The rod shape is a chicken meat with cheese in the middle of the rod. The meat is juicy and soft, unlike the others where the chicken meat usually is hard. And my favourite french fries, finger licking good.
Last but not least, with the birthday girl, see leng baby...muakz~
groundfloor, next to Chilli's
Mid Valley

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