Sunday, October 26, 2008

blue mood?

These photos have taken quite a time ago, where our organiser, wei mee has planned it for the whole biohealth(our batch only) and all of us must wear blue shirt. Here, i want to specially thank to wei mee who lend me her shirt. Actually i 'm not that happy with those guys, but luckily i still did the right choice to use wei mee's camera finally. I just dislike people who have something and show it off, just like the half-fulled coins in the piggy bank. Don't ever step my or my friend's tail, i won't let it be like this. Don't play play with me oh.

Our first venue was DK Teratai. Is this so called good camera? Please don't put my beloved canon in shame. I'm wondered is the misuse of mode or the mis-care of camera?
This was taken by wei mee's camera. Better still, right?

Spot the difference?

Next, we moved to ISB garden and luckily the rain stopped. TGI stopped. By "good camera".

This was taken by sue ping's nikon. Yet, better still.
Everyone is so cool. Do you spot me?
David is directed the position to stand while i'm so sensitive to the lens and pose for wei mee.
The gang in blue
I'm huge enough to cover the two girls..... this is so called huge sexy back. lol
We are at must-shoot sign whenever you visit UM, the sign of UM 2008
The 100 years old sign
Snap shot. Even my canon is better still. Although mine is more later, yet i wonder why?
After the photo session, camwhoring our gang but just left out david and hui xuan. We are all from the BMC members, this name is given by wei mee. That is our secret. *giggle*

What kind of pose is this? Ooo, kung fu la. *squeezed*
The last photo before the card is full. Where am i? I'm the one who capturing this photo lo. Once again, nice photo with a real good camera. Maybe good photographer? *evil grin* So, please don't say your camera is better than wei mee's before you haven't check it out.

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