Sunday, October 12, 2008

house of fishball~

Last Thursday, had my dinner at Seapark with Shee Ying. At first, she suggested to have porridge as we wanted to have something warm cos' it was a raining day. Well, in the end, i'd chosen this House of Fishball cos' it looked better cos it seemed to have more customers than that porridge restaurant besides it.

We had our hainan tea. Although i'm hainanese, but i didn't know about hainan tea yet i've heard for hainan coffee only. Now, i knew how is it. It was like coffee mixed with tea and with a thick condense milk at the bottom. Looked nice, taste great, just b'cos this is hainanese's drink....*evil grin*

This was the nasi lemak Shee Ying ordered. They had various kinds of nasi lemak, and this was nasi lemak sotong. The nasi tasted really good b'cos of the strong pandan savor. (RM 4.50)

I ordered the fried fish noodle and chu cheong fun. It was ok. I still prefered my hometown's char kuey tiao personally. (RM5.50)

We ordered some additional small dishes like yong tau fu(bean curd) and shui kao(boiled dumpling). The yong tau fu was smooth, just loving it.

Shui kao(boiled dumpling) was nice too.
Although we were at house of fishball, but we didn't order any fishball. This restaurant had the promotion of 50% off for the food after 9.30 pm. Actually the food there is not bad. I wonder why? But it has successfully attracted me to go for the next time when i'm poor. *giggle*

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