Wednesday, October 8, 2008

cameron highland trip

When one talks about Cameron Highland, what will you think of? Besides cooling weather at the highland, it'll be


Tea plantation
Also, strawberries....

We can see a lot of strawberry's product there like the fruit, the juice, the ice-cream, the ice lolly, the cake, the candy, the balloon, the strawberry-designed bag and toy and so forth. Everything here are all about strawberry. For sure, i don't think the ingredient in those food are artificial. You can really taste the dense-packed strawberries in every bite just because they yield strawberries.

the chocolate
the desserts
the strudel
Where you can sing along with, mama mia, how can i resist it? But i didn't take it cos' i felt dizzy with the curving road and i had no appetite at all.... what a waste *sigh*

I'm so happy that finally i had get to the tea plantation. Although the along way to the plantation was so narrow which just allowed one vehicle passed by, my papa felt so stressed when driving on the way, the road was curving that you couldn't see any opposite vehicle. Yet when the moment you reached there, it was so refreshing and the whole hill was covered with the greenish tea plant that had made up the beautiful scenery, it worthed the journey. There was a tea centre where you could have a tea break there, visited to the tea-manufacturing factory, the shop which sold the products and so forth. For sure, there would be selling all sorts of BOH teas and some refreshments like cakes, sandwiches, pies, cookies and so forth.

have your tea with refreshing air and wonderful view

camwhored with the tea plant, it was hot and sunny
I was surrounded by tea leaves
Besides that, we went to the rose farm where they planted all kinds of roses, cactus and some other flowers too. Maybe due to the weather, the flowers flourished richly. See, this hibiscus was bigger than my fist. The combination of the petals' colour was so nice.
Roses are red and violets are blue~
Not to forget about my bear bear, he was there too....*grin*
It was so hard-won to have a vacation with family. I really miss the moment.

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