Sunday, October 5, 2008

eat eat eat

My hometown, is a wonderful place, is a food paradise, is a small island--> Penang. Surely, when i back to my lovely home, i'll go to grab those nice food. This holiday, just reached home and i had my dinner at Batu Kawan, which is famous for seafood. The seafood restaurant is called ah yan, that is the tauke niao's name, lots of well known people like singers and stars, "orang besar" gone there just to taste it. It's at a small kampung where you have to pass through a small road to reach the restaurant. I liked the raw oyster with the special sauce. 1st, take a raw oyster, squeeze some lime juice into it. Then dip with the sauce that the restaurant specially prepared, and put into your mouth. That was the 1st time i ate raw oyster, thinking that it smelled yet simply delicious. But this time, we didn't ordered that dish cos' my mum don't eat.

sweet & sour crab....yummy

steamed fish always the best to eat when it is fresh....the timing was just nice, not too over steamed, and the meat was juicy.

Seafood is always delicious when it is fresh. That's why we like to go there, because it is a fishing village where they can get fresh seafood everyday. My parent just ordered 3 seafood dishes and a dish of kangkung, that was nice for a small family like mine. Anyway, if you want to try various types of seafood, it's better to ask more people to go with.

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