Saturday, October 18, 2008

a lil bit of me~

Sometimes i don't like to be captured but sometimes i do. It's all depends on my mood.

But one thing for sure, i like capturing photograph, yet not good technically. I bring my camera along wherever i go since the time i had my ever first camera at 2004. (Someone influenced me actually)
Oh ya, besides eating, i love coffee too. But too much of coffee is not good to health. So i'm trying my best to reduce it.
One more thing, i like black. I have a lot of black clothes. And after my course night, David started to call me black widow as from top to bottom were all blackish stuffs except my tanned skin colour. I think i suit the title much where it called the colour of night, so it means black lo....*giggle*

p/s: specially thank to Ben who took those photographs by his Canon EOS 450D .

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