Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it's all about my car

Do you spot something on the dashboard?

Ya, seventy seven thousand seven hundred and seventy seven, that is the number. My car had run for a really long way since 2003, how many turns of KL to Penang, Penang to KL, Melacca, Muar and some other places too. I used five years to build up this figure, so you can imagine that is all because i memang suka lepak sini sana. *giggle* And one thing, i'll be very suffered without any car transport, cos' i can't cabut anymore. So, car is very important to me. (I turned two more rounds to let the last 6 turn to 7 where actually i already reached home, how silly was i~)

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das said...

Now, I look through the Mileage database and I see a few people who are what i believe mis-representing the millage of their car. Im not going to point to any names because I have been banned once for my opinions, but a little bit of searching will allow you to see what I am talking about The problem is some people are posting their highest ever acheived MPG instead of their actual lifetime MPG in relation to the millage posted. Why is this decieving?? because when you
look at the list you are lead to believe that they have acieved that millage throughout lets say 70,000 miles when in reality (Some even post it in their siganture)
their LMPG is much lower.Maybe this is a good topic to discuss so for some, so that some of these discussions aren't seen as hypocritical