Saturday, October 25, 2008

crying without tears

I'm so sorry that i couldn't attend to the birthday celebration for Xiao Yu and Ah Lin. So here is the post for you two,
Sorry and happy birthdayAngel's blessing for both of you.

Finally, the most busiest week in this semester had over. Thank god it's over. Although my study week is started, but i still have to busy with my thesis lab. And the most saddest thing is the rats we bought from the pet shop which we had so susah payah picked the male rats but it's all ended up female. How am i going to write my thesis where my title is about the testicle while i didn't get any result of it. Anyone can help me? Where can i get male rat? I want baby and adult rats as well. I want Sprague dawley. Anyone please? *sob sob*

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