Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008--->2009 part II

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I've dissected quite a number of rats... i become more cruel now. I mean i'm not afraid of rats, but not those dirty black rats. * I've to do so because of my research, no offense to rat lovers*

I'm so glad to have Dr. Durriyyah as my thesis supervisor. She is the cutest Dr. i ever seen. She is kind and nice, the most important thing is she is not racism. She is not afraid of frogs, i mean she is an expert in dissecting frogs but she scare rats. *sweat* I'm lucky too to have the other three coursemates which are doing thesis together. If not, i might fall lots more. From afraid of grabbing rats to an "expert" of it, problems become nothing. Merci beaucoup.

We have a new club called BHM club, which is known as biohealth model club. This name was given by wei mee, who is our photographer cum organiser, then we have sue ping as our director. The following must have are models, we have super model, top model, senior and junior as well. I know we sound childish, but that is the way we release our tension, especially for final year, facing exam, report and the most horrible thesis. The friendship between us are getting good. But this will be the last semester we are going to spent. Wuwuwu~

This year, i had a wonderful christmas with my friends, it was like a small gathering. We had barbeque at Vic's house, we bbq, chit-chat, sing, blow our christmas cake and exchange gift. Although it was simple, but it was fun.

And today we will meet up as he is coming back in the evening flight, so coincident. Earlier than expected, so glad that we no need to meet up in next year.

It was so much to be said, but i'm a bit lazy to keep refreshing. Anyway, hope that this brand new 2009 will be a good start for me.

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