Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Finally the year 2008 is going to end and a brand new year 2009 is coming. Over all, 2008 was fun, happy, excited, joy and upset as well. But it wasn't a bad year. At least, lots of first time happen in the year. *grin* Went to makan angin with family, Which was very delighting. Along the year, although these places are nothing to be proud for, but it's considered a lot to me; i went to Cameron highland, Genting highland, Muar, Kuala Selangor and Melacca for three times. Quite familiar with Melacca town already. Hehe~ The first time, i went there for a dance competition with my dance buddies. The second time was with my housemates, we went to Melacca and Muar to hunt for food. Nice trip but i'd diarrhea the next morning after eating so much things into my stomach. *sigh* The third time, i brought my family to there. It was already 15 years ago i went with my family when i was standard 2. And i still remembered the oxcart four of us took photo with, and now me and my brother are already so tall while my parents are getting older. Time really flies.

The first time to Melacca in 2008

We were taking part in the Traditional Chinese Dance Competition which held at one of the high school in Melacca

The second time to Melacca

It was a 2 days 1 night cari makan trip to Melacca and Muar

The third time was with my lovely family

I bought the yellow duckie which i dream to have it at Jonker Street

I was dipped into the tea farm

No food, no smoking, no i-don't-know-what-is-it, no drink but bear is allow in Skyway cable car.

Very tired already, i've shopped for 6 hours just now, so it's time to bed. Tomorrow still have class at 9. Will be continued..
Good night.

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