Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Before getting into December, we had found Prof. and told him our situation. We hope that Prof. will allow to change the time. But he seems like didn't let us change the time that has clashed with another subject. And i felt very disappointed, trying to accept the truth that we have to choose the subject with lab on my wonderful Friday, where 2 credit hours but we have to attend 6 hours' class. And give up my french level II that has clashed with it.

Thinking that Prof. won't let us change the time of the clashing subject.

In the end, he has agreed to change the time. I'm so grateful, he is so kind, although he looks very cool..

Although, the time hasn't change officially, but i'm so excited, cos' i can take French while no need to attend any class on Friday plus no need to do reports which i hate so much.

Miracle happens...
Thank Prof., thank coursemates, thank God too...

Will miracle happens twice?

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