Sunday, December 14, 2008

Indian classical dance

This post i have delayed it for so long, it's about my ko-k, indian classical dance. It's very fun to attend the class, and learn something different which is out of our academy. Although we have learned not much, but most of us really enjoy the moment well. Few days before the Ko-K day, we had extended the time for our practice from Monday night 10 something, Tuesday night 11 something 'till Wednesday night 12 o'clock. So on Thursday noon, we had to set up everything including our costume, make-up, headgear, accessories before we were heading to the stage. So, let's the photos do the talking:

Before the make-up

After the make-up, dressed up and the accessories, i turned into an indian dancer. The eye liner was thick and ugly and looked so artificial. I looked so fierce. Just because we were rushing out of time, the guy had to be fast to finish up about 30+ performers' eye liner. Do you notice the foundation on my face, suddenly i looked tan. Because the foundation which is suitable for darker skin.

My hair bun with jasmine(i guess) and my headgear

Actually there are seven types of indian classical dance, but we just performed five types, there were Kuchipudi, Kathak, Mohiniaattam, Bharatanatyam and Odissi. The other two are Kathakali and Manipuri. We were divided into five groups and each group performed each type in a medley which consisted of five different music. First to come was Kuchipudi.

Secondly, Kathak.
Align Centerkathak

Followed by Mohiniaattam. We looked so royal from top to toe.

Next was Bharatanatyam.

Then we had Odissi.

Finale with our poses of the dance. We had to squeeze so that all of us can get into the lens.
indian classical dance

Even kingston also crave for indian dance, see he becomes an indian with a red dot(what is that called? Anyone wish to tell me?) on his forehead and he is ready to perform.
indian kingston

-The End-


shintyan86 said...

cool....nice make up....!

angeline said...

thx is ur planning for our x'mas?

Vishal said...

That red dot on his forehead is called a 'Bindi'. For more information please check -

angeline said...

Hi Vishal, thank for the info.... ^^