Thursday, January 1, 2009


This year, no countdown. Just staying by his side until the clock strike 12 and wish each others. But i can see firework just behind my house which is exploded by the resident here.

The first of a new year, wake up in the morning and have biscuits + milo as my breakfast. Then have a late lunch of Ruski's tomyam maggi mee. It's a bored day until i can't stand anymore and ask shuang go jogging. Then have dinner with her at 3rd college and i order a maggi goreng. My brand new day start with biscuits and maggi mee, not bad huh?

The saddest thing is i can't play Playfish games at facebook. Miss my pet society and geo challenge so much. And it's time to format my laptop, cos' lots of problems occur.

One word to describe, BORED.

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