Friday, December 5, 2008


Yesterday, i nearly let him missed his flight. The check-in has closed in the front counter. So he had to run to another counter to quest for any chance of boarding. Luckily there was the last call for the flight, he was the last confirmed passenger to board. *phew* Thank to the Malay staff, he is so polite, unlike some others, i saw some are impolite to passengers. Hey, you are confronting with passengers from around the world, you act as a representative of Malaysia, don't demolish our country's reputation. Although our country may not have it. At least, give a smile face please. That's the basic requirement for customer service.
After his check-in, it was closed for any other check-in while those in the waiting list passengers had the chance to board. And he quickly walked to the departure gate. Thank God that he get a seat, and the staff gave him a business class's seat. It was the lucky of an unlucky.

Goodbye. Take care.


Ben, the Kitty said...

Sure he is lucky la... Got business class to fly with.

angeline said...

Haha...lucky to have him with me too~