Monday, December 29, 2008

unknown road scene

Finally back to my busy life which i dislike it. Short holiday with half-charge energy, and i feel restless.

On the highway back to KL, i hate those so called huge vehicles that cross here and there without giving any signal. Or signal is given while they are driving to the outer lane at the same time. Even though you are approaching them, they are fearless with your tiny little road riders. The incident is like that, usually those huge and "slow" vehicles will at the inner lane. No matter there are cars speeding fast at the outer lane which are right beside them, they will be driving out from the inner lane whenever they want to exceed the slower vehicle in front of them. Those scenes always happen at highway, but no one will horn them. And i wonder why? Is it because of they are huge? Tiny always get bullied by huge? I don't think so. But why? Don't they know that it is very dangerous to do so, crash will be happened if the brake of that car is broken.

The second scene, i wonder why the outer lane is slower than the inner lane on the road or highway or bridge as well during traffic jam? Outer lane is not equal to fast lane? Or someone has changed the rule? Can anyone tell me why?

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