Tuesday, December 23, 2008

photos' memories...

Today, want to confirm that the frame is either 3R or 4R, and find some photos to fix the frame. Pull out my drawer and take out those photos, and flip through the photo albums. There are something about my school life, my family and friends. Feel so touched when looking through those pictures. Everyone of us have grown up, we are so different from the old time. Some of them are working, some are still studying like me, some got their own partners, refreshing those silly gossips and rumour between friends. Last time we liked to pair up boy and girl who were closed with each others. Sound so silly, but it was fun and when refreshing those things, i smile.

So glad to have you all with me, those who are closed are still keep in touch with each others. Although i'm seldom at hometown, but whenever i've back, they will ask me out for sure unless i don't tell them. If i don't tell them i'm back, then i'll get scolded. Glad to have a group of best buddies to play, have fun, fool along, we talk unstoppable through fixed line, in the class, during gathering... but now everyone of us are busy, just once a while will meet up.

There are sweet memories but there are also memories that i don't want to remember. But anyway, time will heal. Now, I've learned to face the truth. The reason why i don't want to remember those things because i felt that those action were silly. And luckily i didn't lose my friendship. There are past time, we should look forward but not backward, right?

他们说人的年纪越大,越容易因伤心,感动而流泪, 是真的吗?

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Ashleyteng said...

他们说人的年纪越大,越容易因伤心,感动而流泪, 是真的吗?