Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tok Janggut~

Finally, i have time to update the tok janngut. These few weeks i was damn busy with thesis la, lab la, presentation la and so forth.... Those stuffs really took my breath away. Okies, so last thursday, our practical was going to the mini farm which near 12th college there in UM. Actually it is more like a farm of different species of goats with those smelly goat odor(the smell is actually emitted from their excreted product). Anyway, it was a great experience visiting the farm, and those goats were very cute, tame and friendly. They seems like welcomed us when we walked towards the farm, mie here and there, sounds like saying hi to us.

This is the duck-mouth-like apparatus which used for artificial insemination. It is inserted into the female goat's vagina and the tiny tube in the middle of the apparatus which contained with sperms is injected into the uterus of the female goat. When the postgraduate was demonstarted on a female goat, and it yelled like hell. We couldn't do anything while feeling sympathy to it.

The practical was mostly about biotechnological technique which dealing with reproductive technology. The lecturer and the postgraduates were showing us the technique of artificial insemination, sperm collection, sperm count, blood sampling and so forth. Everyone of us had the chance to take the blood sample of the goat, it was interesting and it was easier to deal with goat rather than rat. I thought the goat would struggle strongly just like those small creatures when the syringe was inserted into the vein, but it was out of my expectation, they were just let you poked tamely.

The stuff there is showing us the artificial vagina

1st step: Inject some cold water into it, so that the temperature is mimicked to the temperature of the vagina of female goat.

2nd step: Close up the opening to avoid the water from leaking out. Tighten the artificial vagina using the black pump(the arrow point there) so that it is similar to the actual vagina of the female goat.

3 step: Apply some lubricant gel at the opening of vagina to smoothen the surface.

4 step: Put the artificial vagina to the penis of the male goat which is 'on heat' and tadaa..., the semen collection is done.

The postgraduate was demonstrated the technique of collecting the fish sperms from the still alive-ing Tilapia.

Below were the photos i took from the farm..... and pictures spoke a thousand words....I took it when we were listening to the lecturer explained about the artificial semination....and this whitish goat seems like wanna join us too....They were kinda "ba gua"(curious about something).

This lamb was curious about our visiting until it stepped up its mother 's body to find out what happened outside.....

small little sheep turned back to let me captured its pity face~

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