Sunday, September 14, 2008

happy mid-autumn festival

Today is the 15th day of the 8th lunar month in chinese calendar, which is the mid-autumn festival, some called as mooncake festival or lantern festival. Surely, mid-autumn festival will have moon cakes and pomeloes to eat, lanterns to play. The moon will be the roundest, the brightest and the most beautiful tonight if it's a clear night. So hope that tonight no rain at all. Oh ya, some chinese people will pray to the moon.

There is a legend about the moon, where there is a lady, 嫦娥 (chang er in chinese) and a jade rabbit,玉兔 (yu tu in chinese) living together in the moon. There is a guy too, 后羿 (hou yi), but what i know about hou yi is the archer who shoot down the 9 suns to save the earth from being burnt. I have search for the mid-autumn festival in wikipedia, actually there are several versions of the legend.

The beautiful Chang'e

Still remembered that, we would walk with lighted lantern when we were small kid, and the lanterns were made by paper and metal wire, where it was easily caused fire too. But now, most of the lanterns have modified and made by plastic and using a bulb and battery to light it. Yet i still like the traditional lantern.

I miss the old time when relatives and cousins were gathered at granny's house to celebrate the mid-autumn festival, having cup of tea while eating the moon cakes, and looking at the full moon. Happy mid-autumn festival to everyone, specially to my family and friends, miss you. Wish that we can look at the moon together although we are at different places, dear, thinking of you.

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